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Cleveland, Four Special Days – Part 2


By my friend, Jocelyn Johnson

Hopefully you were able to read Part 1, which gives the background for my trip south.

What I didn’t mention in Part 1 were the things I did when first arriving in Cleveland. I went to a store catering to plus size women. I had ordered shoes online and had them delivered to Cleveland. The SA was extremely friendly and retrieved my new shoes from the back of the store. We checked them out to ensure they matched my order. Since I now get 50% off my next in store purchase, the SA helped me pick out a very nice sweater to wear during the cold evenings. All done in male mode.

Then off to the nail salon for a manicure and red polish. I had been letting my nails grown for some time and the nail technician only needed to shape and cuticle trim. My request for red polish was a bit of a surprise to them, but they happily did the job. I proudly left the crowded salon showing off my beautiful nails.

The second day in Cleveland was a Sunday. Kandi and I agreed to have brunch, attend church and visit the fabulous Museum of Art. Kandi picked me up and off we went.

Two well dressed ladies enjoying each other’s company and blending in to the world around them. The people in the church were very inviting and friendly. Kandi knew most of them and I was introduced as her Canadian friend; many conversations followed. The church service was inspirational as well as peaceful.

Next was the museum and a change of shoes for me. If you ever get to Cleveland, I highly recommend a tour of it. Of course Kandi knew some of the staff there.

Our time together had come to an end. Being able to share with a great friend is something very special. Kandi gave me many suggestions on how I could enjoy day three in her home town.

More to come in Part 3.

Always love going your way,



4 Responses

  1. Jocelyn, another great post!

    There was so much to inspire others here – you had a manicure, you bought shoes, you were welcomed at church, you saw the sights of Cleveland – and you emerged unscathed and positively glowing with the experience! Anyone worried about taking their first steps outside should take note – it’s a fulfilling and affirming experience and acceptance is there for the taking.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  2. Amanda,
    You are so right. Getting dressed appropriately and enjoying the world is really quite easy. I know that the first couple of times may be worrisome, but I encourage any girls/ladies to venture outside and interact with the wonderful people you meet.

    I have to admit, that after that final look in the mirror before leaving the house, I really don’t think about what I am wearing. I’m just Jocelyn being a person going about their life. I have never had a negative comment or reaction from people I meet.

    I love your words “acceptance is there for the taking”. So true.

    My tour guide was pretty nice as well.


  3. Sorry for my lateness in relying to your post but the Mexican internet Policia felt Kandi’s Land was inappropriate???? First off Jocelyn, your outfit and nails are gorgeous as are you.
    My jealousness grew as I read your post. At times you must have thought you’d died and gone to heaven girl. Isn’t being out and having your femininity affirmed addicting. I’m totally looking forward to your next post. The care girl.

    Trish ❤️

  4. Trish,
    Thank you so much for the very kind words. Your support and encouragement are comforting and inspirational.

    As the question is asked in the movie “Field of Dreams”: is this heaven? My answer is “no, this is Kandi’s Land”!

    “Isn’t being out and having your femininity affirmed addicting.” It is, but after awhile it is just so natural and normal. I love it.

    Thanks beautiful Trish.


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