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Jocelyn Finally Gets Out

Jocelyn represents!

By Jocelyn Johnson

I had planned on being visible the week when the International Transgender Day of Visibility occurred on March 31. It has been over five months since I had an opportunity to get out and show my femininity, plus the bonus of the very recent not requiring masks while indoor shopping.

But 50km/h winds, 15cm of snow, and -15C temperature stopped that idea. So I postponed my ITDOV support until April 4.

For the first time ever I put on my own nail polish. It was challenging, but I eventually got my nails to look presentable. I can usually get ready in about 45 minutes but doing my own nails added another half hour.

I was going to the big local mall to see if I could find some casual shoes in my size: 12W with a low heel. The mall has about 20 shoe stores so I thought I might get lucky.

Beforehand, I consulted my friend Alison about what I should wear; leggings or skirt, sneakers or heels. Alison suggested a skirt over leggings and flats. Knowing all the females at the mall would probably be in jeans or slacks, that was the correct attire. But oh how I love showing off!

So I finally decided on a skirt, sweater and ballerina flats (and heels for a few pics beforehand).

I felt completely comfortable walking through the mall. What a wonderful feeling just being me.

Before I got to the first shoe store, I passed the Adore Cosmetics shop and was approached by a SA. Her greeting was very gracious, and she complemented me on my look (how flattering is that). Her name is Nicole and she said she saw me coming down the hallway and that I was fantastic looking. She was very impressed with my appearance. Of course all the other ladies in the mall were in jeans/slacks and I in a skirt certainly stood out. I suspect Nicole also wanted a sale.

Nicole took me into the store and we sat and chatted for about 45 minutes. She showed me skin cleansers and wrinkle/lines remover for around the eyes. What a delight for me; two women talking beauty secrets. I eventually purchased a skin cleaning gel. The wrinkle remover was very, very expensive so I gave that a pass.

After spending so much time at the cosmetic store I ran out of time to shop for shoes. But I’m sure no “brick and mortar” store would have size 12W shoes.

My afternoon ended with a stroll down Main Street. I really enjoy being out in a skirt.

That’s my support for ITDOV.

Be visible ladies and have a great time in the world. Most people are so accepting.



While you are all enjoying Jocelyn’s post, I am laboring on the streets of Boston! I hope to see you all again tomorrow…..


2 Responses

  1. Jocelyn, nice to see that you’ve been getting out and about once again and another wonderful story of acceptance.
    I love the outfit too, by the way!

  2. Amanda, thank you so much for your thoughts and support. I don’t know if my story fully explained how marvellous and feminine I felt that day. I was very happy.
    And your comment about my outfit means a lot to me. A woman loves to be flattered from time to time. The pictures do not show how wonderful everything was.
    I am hoping for another outing in a couple of months. Now, what to wear? A skirt or dress???????

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