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What Is It About Shoes?

Jocelyn's sequel to our all-time most popular post!

By Jocelyn Johnson

Following up her post “What Is It About Legs?”, the all-time most viewed post in the brief history of Kandi’s Land, Jocelyn ponders more about our lower extremities.

What is it about women’s footwear?

I’ll bet everyone reading this post remembers the first pair of ladies’ shoes they purchased. And I bet those first shoes had a heel of at least 3”. I bought my first pair during my Jocelyn 1.0 stage, back in the 1980s.

I had just started to think about dressing and I knew stylish shoes had to be one of the first things on my shopping list. I wasn’t too concerned about going into a shoe store (no online shopping back then) and asking for a pair of women’s shoes. But the big concern was getting my size, 12W.

I, in male mode, saw a wonderful shoe in a store window, so I went in and asked the salesman if I could see the shoe I pointed to in the window. “What size sir” was his response. After I told him the size he went into the back and came out with a box. “I am sorry but the biggest we have is a size 11.” “I’ll take it” I said and quickly paid and left.

I figured the open toe, sling back, 3” heel would allow for some foot overage at the front and back. And I was right, the shoes fit OK.

Back at home when circumstance allowed I practiced my walk. After an hour of practice I got dressed en femme and went to a nearby town in the evening and walked the streets feeling nervous, but very proud to be a woman in heels doing some window shopping.

For four years those were the only shoes I wore when I was en femme. Then the purge and all was gone.

For Jocelyn 2.0, starting four years ago, I ended up buying four pairs: 3” pumps, 3” Mary Jane block heel, ballerina flats and red running shoes. Something for all occasions. The four pictures included in this post are them? Since I am 6’ 4” tall I really should not wear heels.

I know, I know, most women have tens, if not hundreds of pairs of shoes. Multiple styles, multiple colours and various heel heights. Something for all her moods and activities. But my issue is getting the right size and not having home delivery (you can guess why).

So what’s the big deal about women’s shoes?

Her shoes are the crowning touch and the last clothing item to be put on before going out. Shoes make the whole ensemble come together. To see a stylish shoe at the end of your leg is such a fabulous feeling.

A 2006 Masters thesis on heeled shoes by Ash Sancaktar stated:

“According to [Linda] O’Keeffe ‘Women may wear slippers, put on sneakers and slip into loafers, but they dress in high heels’ (O’Keeffe 1996, p. 72). Psychologically, high heels give permission to lead than to follow. A woman might become a towering seductress or she can choose to become the subject of the object of a male…According to [Valerie] Steele, one reason high heels are considered sexy is because they produce an erect ankle and extended leg. The arch of the foot is radically curved like a ballet dancer on point. The entire lower body is thrown into a state of tension resembling that of female sexual arousal (Steele 1998, p. 18). By tilting the pelvis, her lower back arches, her spine and legs lengthen and her chest thrust out. The breasts thrust forward, and the derriére protrudes. A woman in high heels looks taller and thinner. Her legs are emphasized and the leg muscles tighten, the calves appear shapelier. And because they are at an angle, her feet look smaller and more pointed”.

Well, isn’t that what all us women want?

My tastes are very simple, and I am overly frugal, but I am sure many, if not most, of you are more extravagant in your shoe purchases. What was your first purchased shoes, and what are your last purchased shoes (all women’s of course)? How do you feel when wearing them? Enjoy your shoes, you are beautiful.



20 Responses

  1. Jocelyn – great post about one of my favourite subjects!

    As far as my own are concerned, I adore the classic stiletto heeled court/pump. I bought my first pair in the 1980s from one of the few supermarkets that, at the time, sold clothing as well as food. No self checkouts in those days, though so the shoes plus the dress and other things I’d bought had to go through the normal checkouts, not that the checkout lady batted an eyelid. Sadly they fell foul of the first of what turned out to be many purges.

    Nowadays, my ‘collection’ numbers six pairs although it will be trimmed down to 5 as the heel on one pair is just too high to be a practical proposition, even around the house. My favourite is still a pair of stiletto courts with a heel of around 3.5 inches with another pair with a slightly lower heel and three pairs of ankle boots completing the collection.

    And how do I feel when wearing them? It’s difficult to put into words really. As you say, they’re the last thing to be put on and, because of the effect they have on posture and the feet, even when sitting down, they give a constant reminder of their presence and who we really are. To me, the high heel, and particularly the stiletto, is the ultimate in femininity and can bring even the most boring outfit to life.

    And Ash Sancaktar was definitely onto something!

    1. Amanda,
      (This may be a duplicate response)
      Thank you for your comments. I always enjoy your insight and your personal details.
      I believe the type of shoe a person wears tells the tale of their personality.
      But only six pairs for you??????
      Continue being the “towering seductress” that you are.

  2. High, I am Violetta – a T-Girl from Austria. Nice to have found your page. Yes, I love shoes, too. But alas – my size is too big for most of women´s shoes – at least in stores. I have 43, that´s in US 11,5. So most of the time I have to order by internet.
    Have a good time.
    All the best Violetta

    1. Violetta,
      Thank you so much for commenting. I don’t think Kandi’s Land has heard from you before; welcome.

      You and I have the same problem getting a larger shoe. I am envious of the women who have a size 8, 9 or 10. The can easily get whatever style and colour they want.

      Take care Violetta and be safe.


  3. I know they say diamonds are a girls best friend I think shoes are a close second.
    Yes size can be an issue for me as well but I’ve managed pretty well with what I’ve found
    Don’t really have much occasion to wear heels so I love my sandals in spring and summer and tall boots in winter, sneakers most of the rest of the time

    1. Rachael,
      I think I would say that shoes are a girl’s best friend. I know I would prefer a well fitting stylish shoe over a diamond necklace.

      I don’t wear heels much because I am already over six feet tall. But I do love my look while wearing them.

      There is definitely a better selection of sandals and running shoes for us women with larger feet.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


  4. Jocelyn,
    I’m one of the lucky ones as I take a UK size 8 ( US 10) so I van usually get shoes off the racks . Can we have too many shoes ? I now fully understand why we can’t , I’ve lost count of my shoes but still I find there are gaps . Sadly the choice appears to be more limited , gone are the lovely colours in court shoes ( pumps in the US , pumps in the UK mean trainers or low heeled ballet style shoes ) .

    So to your question of my first pair . I was a member of the Round Table ( a fund raising group for young men ) and contived a letter saying we were going to take part in a fund raising cabaret . It stated that costumes would be provided but we must supply our own underwear ( obviously including stockings and suspenders ) and our own shoes ( a black court shoe with at least a 3″ heel ) .So it was a simple matter of walking into a shoe shop and showing the SA the letter , within ten minutes I was fixed up with my shoes . There was a twist to this story as the SA waved a pair of knee highs and said in a loud voice in front of other customers that I needed to slip these on . As I was leaving the shop both of the SAs asked if tickets would be available for the show , so I replied they would be top of the list !

    These days I tend to go more for comfort as I wear them everyday but I still have very few flats but it’s not a problem as I’m only 5′ 7″ .

    1. Teresa,
      Lucky you only being a size 10, your choices are unlimited. And it seems you have taken advantage by having an uncountable number of shoes.

      My ideal, practical shoes would be a heel of 1” to 2”. It would be comfortable but also offering the feminine benefits of a much higher heel.

      Thank you for the story about purchasing your first pair. I assume you were quite excited to do it.

      I usually wear flats, but I would love to occasionally “flaunt” myself with a pair of 4” pumps.

      Take care Teresa.


      1. Jocelyn,
        I won’t say my days of wearing 4″+ heels are over but like you I find most of my shoes and boots are about 2″ . Higher heels may feel sexy but walking elegantly isn’t so easy , besides i have arthritis in my big toes and after a while they tell when enough is enough . I do find dancing in heels easier and once on the dance floor I’m there for the whole evening as long as the music is OK .
        You didn’t mention driving in heels , like most I’ve attempted it but I now have reservations . The first point is they can soon make holes in the carpets but on a more serious note I wonder about the safety aspect . On a manual shift it’s possible we could lose control if a heel caught , I would hate to be responsible for injuring a person or worse because I was trying to drive in heels . Besides I still wonder what actions the police and insurance companies would take if they discovered the fault was down to incorrect footware .
        As for shoe buying stories , I have many , perhaps some of my most amusing moments .

        1. Teresa,
          I’m amazed that you can dance the night away in heels, very impressive. If I walk fifty metres in heels I start to have some pain issues. I think my gait is good and mostly feminine, but poor fitting shoes is my problem.
          I have driven while wearing 3” heels with no problems. Like anything, practice makes perfect. But for long drives I’ll wear flats and then change to heels before getting out of the car.

          Thanks for commenting.


  5. I “acquired” my first heels in the late 70’s when I commandered a pair of shoes with a 3 inch heel from my (ex)wife. Wore them until I wore them out in the 90’s.
    In 2011 I finally figured out I had female shaped feet, wide toe box with a narrow heel. I discovered that women’s size 10 fit my feet better than men’s size 9 or 10. I have not purchased a male shoe since. I started out with runners/trainers (for the brits) and some low-heel (1.5 to 3 inch). In 2015 I needed to raise my heels 3.5 -4 inches and that lead me down the rabbit hole. I went to a DSW and found a pair in the clearance rack. A women also shopping in the clearance racks told me the most important concept in women’s shoes: “Life’s too short for heels that hurt.” It’s something to consider when looking for heels.
    I put my first 4 inch heel on during a break at work. It took about one minute to find my balance and I have worn heels since.
    My shoe wardrobe (it’s not a collection) of 4 inch heels numbers close to 100. And it includes sandals to knee high boots, wedges-to-block-to-stilettos (NO pumps). I’m wear heels everyday, everywhere. And I have never purged, although I should get rid of my old dusty men’s shoes to clear up more room for more heels.

    For those of you who don’t want the shoes delivered to your home address, many stores will allow you to ship to their store for try-on/pickup.

    WARNING: Heels is a bonafide rabbit hole. For example: I have 6 knee high boots and the 7th is on a wait list ($400 boots). Do I NEED them – NO do I WANT them YES!!!!! Rabbit hole.

    1. Cali,
      From a shoes’ point of view, you are the woman’s woman.

      I am envious of you and your shoe wardrobe of 100. Very impressive.

      And I bet the high heels make you “a towering seductress”.

      Thank you for your shoe stories, very informative. You are awesome for wearing heels most of the time.

      And thanks for the shoe store tip on getting them in for a trial.

      Please continue showing off you shoes and how they shape your feet.


      1. Jocelyn,
        I have been wearing for over 8 years. I have weird high arches and my podiatrist wants me to have at least a 2.5 inch heel. No problem, my comfort zone is 3.75 to 4.75 inches.
        I wear my heels in boy mode (not that any of my clothes are men’s). I only wear “flats” when I do something atheltic (hiking, kayaking, ..) or working in my garden. You can find me in my skinny jeans and Jessica Simpson knee high stilettos on the outside shopping at Costco or some other stores.

        Many stores will order larger (other) sizes for you if they have it in their inventory, and have them delivered to the store quickly. And this applies not to just shoes stores.

        One last thing, if you are going to wear open toe heels, make sure your feet are presentable. A clear pedicure at a minimum.


        1. Cali,
          You are out of the ordinary for women. You wear heels most of the time. And I bet your feet and legs and posture are fabulous looking.

          And good point about a pedicure before wearing open toe shoes.

          “Walk on sister”.


  6. I wouldn’t say I am a big shoe girl. But I do have 1 pair of heels that my wife found and bought for me. They are size 13. Tough to find those. I am sure I will get a more in the future but probably not a bunch. Just some basics.

    Anyway, I love how I feel wearing them. I feel vulnerable in a good way. I have to take dainty steps. And I *LOVE* the clopping sound they make. Every clop makes me feel feminine. In our house my wife always knows when I am walking around. lol.

  7. Christina,
    Walking in heels makes me feel a lot more feminine. And the sound of heel on pavement is exhilarating.

    As I said in my post, my shoe collection is very basic. You and I are the same in that regard, but some have 100s of pairs. And where are they stored?

    Enjoy all your shoes.


    1. Jocelyn,
      Since I have around a 100 pair of heels in wardrobe I’ll tell what I do. I’m very lucky, I have a 7 by 12 foot walk-in closet. My heels are kept in three 1 by 1 by 6 foot high book cases with 8 to 9 shelves per case. 2 to 4 heels per shelf and I have some heels on top of the book cases too. The cases hold my non-boots. My boots are against the wall and each have an insert to keep them from folding over on themselves.
      But I out of room. Time to get a new house with bigger closets.

      1. Good looks and smart and organised. Cali, you are the complete package.
        I’m impressed.

        Thanks for telling us how you do it.

        My meagre shoe inventory is in two shoe boxes. Sigh!


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