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Retail Therapy, Part 2

I'll bet you were wondering how this one turned out?

A couple of Sun-Dee’s ago, I wrote Part 1 about my friend Michelle’s and my most recent shopping trip. I promised a Part 2 the following Sun-Dee. However, in what can be described as a senior moment (I do meet the age qualification), I forgot to actually write the post. D’oh!

With that apology finished, let me now share the rest of the story (apologies to Paul Harvey).

After buying what Michelle wanted–a skirt, a pair of shorts, and two tops– we ate at the Cafe at Nordstrom (Michelle and I shared a burger) and then headed to Akira, where Michelle had never been.

I was introduced to Akira in Chicago in 2019 by Julie Slowinski (please return and share some more stories!). As I have written before, it’s a funky store aimed at a (much) younger demographic, which means it’s totally age inappropriate–and a lot of fun to shop there.

Previously I bought a green floral bra top at Akira (for $5), wore it to the Tower Grove Pride, and a young woman walked up to me and said she loved it–and wondered where I bought it. I told her, but she had never heard of Akira. Recently, at a local Akira, they had the same top (now $1), so I bought a second one in XL for me,to take to Australia and leave there) and a L for Michelle. Maybe we can be twinsies some day.

The vibe at Akira is very similar to Dangerfield stores in Australia, which I also love.

Michelle had never been to Akira but she was a (wo)man on a mission. Michelle loves zebra striped stuff and she found a zebra striped cloth coat she had to have.

Akira also had a big silver chair and while I looked at a few things, nothing caught my eye, so I planted myself and let Michelle go wild, which she was happy to do. One of the SA’s was happy to take our picture.

Michelle bought her stuff (I was zero for the day, and completely happy–and some of the stuff Michelle bought will likely come my way some day) and we headed back to her house. I had some time to kill so Michelle tried on her new stuff with existing stuff, and I was the fashion consultant (yes, no–try this instead). Michelle sometimes takes my advice–but most times she just follows her own instincts.

Michelle had removed the jungle print dress to try other combinations, so I tried it on. It fit nicely, but somehow my girls weren’t quite as much on display as Michelle’s. 

Finally, I changed into my black velvet dress, we said our goodbyes, and I headed out for my nightcap, a dinner meeting with the St. Louis Gender Foundation, held at a St. Louis restaurant. That made for a nice end of the day. Michelle later texted me that she was out with another friend of hers that I have met (and said friend said she missed seeing me), but by that point I’d been out for about 10 hours and I needed to get home, so I didn’t stop by to see them.

A fun day indeed–as are all my days I get to share with Michelle. 


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