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By the Time I Get To Phoenix

Sing along! By the time I get to Phoenix......

If you know who sang this song without Googling you win!

After my ten weeks in Australia, before I could head home, I had a six day stopover in Phoenix, to attend the wedding of the daughter of a long time friend. As I was arriving on a Tuesday, but my friends were arriving on Thursday (including the ONE friend I have told about Dee), I had two days of mostly “unsupervised” time (as said friend, “Ms. Dee-ism”, likes to say).

With two suitcases of clothes, and more girl stuff than boy stuff, I had enough outfits to choose from. My flight arrived in Phoenix before noon, and after retrieving my bags and renting a car, I headed for my hotel. I had asked for early arrival–using my overnight trip from down under as a reason for the request–and my wish was granted.

Once checked in, I freshened up and donned a top and black skater skirt combo paired with my Blue Keds. My destination was one of the malls near downtown Phoenix. I wasn’t really looking for anything, mostly because I didn’t have much room in my suitcases to squeeze anything else in. My first stop was Macy’s, because it happened to be nearest to where I parked my car. I was half-heartedly looking for sweaters, because I didn’t have anything with long sleeves with me. I didn’t find anything suitable though.

I ventured from Macy’s out to the mall where to my amusement I spotted a Quay Australia store (Quay is pronounced like the word “key”, and is synonymous with a dock or pier). I was amused with the idea that I had traveled almost 24 hours and yet I was still in Australia. 

I stopped in Nordstrom and a Forever 21, tried on a few things on sale, but no winners. As I was meeting my friend (whose daughter was getting married) for dinner, I needed to head home and clean up.

Usually the first night on return from Australia I sleep fairly well, as its generally been at least 24 hours since I had a full sleep. I woke up Wednesday morning somewhat refreshed, went for a run, then returned to my hotel to have another Dee day out. I chose a denim dress I found at a thrift, and paired it with a tube top I found on discount at Nordstrom a few months before. I hadn’t worn either out before, so I decided it was time.

I drove to a different mall, this one with a Cheesecake Factory, where I stopped for lunch. I’ve found Cheesecake Factory’s to be very Transgender friendly, so I often eat there when out dressed. I ordered pasta and a margaritas, and enjoyed both.

The mall had a White House Black Market, which is a favorite store of Ms. Dee-ism, so I decided to go in. I found a beautiful cream colored summer dress that I loved–swapping texts with Ms. Dee-ism, she had tried in on and loved it too–but it was just too pricy for me to buy (nor did she). I reluctantly took it off, and swore to track it in the future to see if it goes on sale at some point.

Being it was warm enough, I decided to return to my hotel, don my bikini, and head for the pool. I was doing some financial work for my GG friend Michelle’s salon, so I took my laptop to enjoy the pool and get some work done. The pool wasn’t crowded but there were about 10 others there. I did a brief dip in the pool, but mostly sat at a table and worked on my spreadsheets.

My friend begged off from meeting for dinner again–last minute wedding details–so I was on my own for dinner. That meant bonus Dee time. I did a Google search and found a Twin Peaks restaurant–I’ve been there a couple of times with Michelle–and figured I could have dinner there and watch some games. I wore a new Australian pride t-shirt under my pinafore dress, as it was my only outfit choice with sleeves.

I took my tablet and laptop and did some more work with dinner. My only snafu was leaving my Android tablet at Twin Peaks, and having to return to the restaurant to retrieve it. Previously, I would have freaked out at having to interact with the manager to get it back, but he was cool and I wasn’t concerned in the least (when you’re 1,500 miles from home, your concern level about being outed is pretty low).

All in all, two decent days out in Phoenix, to add to my places where I’ve been out. My friends arrived Thurs-Dee, we had a great time at the wedding on Satur-Dee, and I flew home on Mon-Dee. In all, I had spent about eleven weeks away from home, and managed to get out dressed about ten times. 

As I like to say, my life doesn’t suck.

If you guessed Glen Campbell, you win my admiration for knowing this!

By the time I get to Phoenix she’ll be rising
She’ll find the note I left hangin’ on her door
She’ll laugh when she reads the part that says I’m leavin’
‘Cause I’ve left that girl so many times before

By the time I make Albuquerque she’ll be working
She’ll probably stop at lunch and give me a call
But she’ll just hear that phone keep on ringin’
Off the wall, that’s all.

By the time I make Oklahoma she’ll be sleepin’
She’ll turn softly and call my name out low
And she’ll cry just to think I’d really leave her
Tho’ time and time I’ve tried to tell her so
She just didn’t know I would really go

Writer: Jimmy Webb


3 Responses

    1. Well, I have both Red Keds and Blue Keds but the Red Keds are cuter and I get a lot more compliments on them (in part because I wear them more often).

  1. Wonderful adventure, Dee!
    You are so comfortable in your style which is impressive, inspiration and quite self-informative for me.
    We lived in Phoenix 1980-90, and while it has changed much, your story took me “home” for a bit.
    Be well!

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