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I Have a Soft Spot

The back half of an amazing weekend!

As you may know, I have soft spots for weddings and everything that entails. I also have a soft spot for my friend, Barb, who put me in her magazine and with whom I have done a photoshoot. Both can be found on pages in the header above.

I have worked a few of her wedding shows and got the opportunity to do so again, August 21, 2022. Our friend Sherry (remember her?) also helped out. We helped set up and worked the show. It was another early morning for me following the HRC dinner the night before. I arrived in a casual outfit to work. Barb asked me to get dressed a little early and greet the vendors and help them find their spots and get set up as well as get the food to feed the masses.

Of course, before I left home, photos were taken!

I just love working events like this, interacting with the vendors and then the patrons and brides-to-be. After the vendors all got set up, I helped with the models in various ways. The florist asked me to make sure all the models held their bouquets properly as they walked. Here we are below.

For the first hour or so, I worked my friend’s booth as she was the featured designer for the fashion show and had last minute details to tend to. In this capacity, I talked to almost everyone who attended as her booth was the first one patrons saw.

Then during show time, I basically worked with the models to do whatever was necessary. I watched the door they were entering through and chatted with each of them, I had to help cut one of the girls out of her dress in a quick change situation, I took photos of one girl who was doing her first walk, and many many more things. I felt a bit like a Mother Hen and the models were all so sweet to me!

The entire day was fantastic, to see so many wonderful people, to show many my photos in the associated magazine, to renew some friendships and to spend the day with my friend Sherry. That was the cherry in top! Our photo is below, to remind you of who she is.

I have proudly added this photo in the rotation of photos you can see in the header! I am very lucky to have her as a friend.


8 Responses

  1. I love the photo of the two of you, you both look gorgeous! These events are a wonderful way to be visible and be involved with your community.

  2. Really great pictures and what I love most is how amazingly ordinary this is.
    I mean here you ladies are transgender ladies working a show with these cis women
    This is the good kind of stuff I wish the mainstream media would focus on instead of things that are just a bit on the edge, if you understand what I mean
    Love ya Rach
    PS nice to see Sherry too

  3. Hi Kandi,
    What a wonderful experience, one I could only dream of. I must say how beautiful you and Sherry look. I’ve been totally enjoying all your blogs and really looking forward to meeting you in person.

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