I’ve Got the Blues

St. Louis is known for the Blues; the music, the song, and the hockey team (Stanley Cup, 2019). St. Louis is also the home of the National Blues Museum. 

Not surprisingly then, it’s also the home of BB’s Jazz, Blues, and Soups, a bar/performance venue in downtown St. Louis. My GG friend Michelle likes many types of music so her boyfriend and I went to BB’s in early May, for dinner, drinks, and to enjoy the band.

I decided to wear a corset top I bought earlier this year in Melbourne. At the time, I entered the Dangerfield store that I love to visit, saw Kira (store manager) wearing the top, and deciding I wanted it, even though I am slightly older than Kira (ok, almost three times older). Right time, right place, right company.

The band played covers of songs, not all Blues, including a lively cover of “Come Together” by an unknown band called The Beatles. Michelle even persuaded me to get up and dance, even though we were the only two dancing. I have written before how it’s difficult to maintain a low profile when I’m out with Michelle, because she just draws attention. I am unused to dancing in heels, but managed to not embarrass myself.

During the first break, Michelle and I took turns taking pictures of each other, and I took some of Michelle and her boyfriend. The pictures of Michelle end up on her Facebook and Instagram pages; the pictures of me end up here.

I stayed for the first two sets and then headed home, while Michelle and her boyfriend remained. I need another opportunity to wear this outfit again (and it’s on tap for another wearing at a concert in mid-September, when I’m planning to be a rock girl again).

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