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Human Rights Campaign Dinner +

I am generally always rewarded for giving of myself.

I committed to working the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Dinner this year, first one since 2019. On August 19, 2022, I was invited to a Kick Off cocktail party.

I went with this cute little off-shoulder high-low dress I recently picked up at my amazing afternoon at Common Threads.

That Friday began what was three days on little sleep, getting up early, working, getting dressed, getting home late, getting up early, running, getting dressed, working an event, getting home late, getting up early and getting dressed, working another event, rinse and repeat…

That day I had to work so after work, I rushed across town, got my girl on and then drove almost back across town for the kickoff party. I sort of knew a few folks, but no one really I would be comfortable initiating a conversation with. So as I stood at a stand-up table alone, having a drink and some appetizers, a lovely woman asked if I would join her and her husband.

Over the course of about an hour, I made another new friend! Kim was wonderful. She and her husband live relatively close to me. Kim has a blog and we discussed our blogs and ways to make them better. It was a delightful evening! I hit a local favorite restaurant for bit of dinner, then headed home.

Here is Kim and I.

The following day, up for a 6:30 AM 14 mile run with a friend, then home for a number of things to be taken care of, dressed again and out the door for the dinner, August 20, 2022.

I served as a main greeter for all the patrons (where have we heard that before?) and enjoyed every second of it.

I wore this lovely Michael Kors dress, and again, felt just right for the event. As I was greeting everyone, something awesome happened, but I am going to save this one for a separate post.

Throughout the event, I saw many friends and acquaintances. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, very happy that I decided to give my time. Below you see me in live action! I had no idea I was being photographed at the time.

One of the happiest things that has happened in my Kandi life occurred this evening, coming soon to a blog near you!

Just an FYI to my readers: We have so much wonderful content coming out of my ears! I am scheduling things now well into October. This post is a double outing, which I would have run on two separate days in the past. What really pleases me are the essays I am getting and it has gotten my creative juices flowing a bit as well. If you do nothing else for me, please do me this one favor. Tell a friend about Kandi’s Land! We may not be a Top 100 site, but I certainly think we’re the best!!


10 Responses

  1. Kandi, you are definitely in MY top 100!! Loved the Michael Kors dress. I might have gone with a smaller black handbag or a clutch with that dress. (except with a clutch, you are holding it, squeezing it under your arm or wondering where you put it!)

    1. While I certainly would agree relative to the purse selection, I needed to have a cross body because I had to keep it with me and needed my hands free to work. My personal selection of cross body purses is somewhat limited. Sometimes practicality wins the day. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!!

  2. Two fantastic dresses for two wonderful events supporting a great cause. Your cocktail outfit is a great summer look, it’s no surprise that you attracted attention from a new friend. The MK dress is beautiful, set off perfectly by the necklace. I am excited to hear about your special experience from that night!

    I, too, am enthused by the increase in diverse content here. While it means my own posts on my outing last month won’t show up for another week or so, it has been fabulous to see additional perspectives on our mutual interest.

  3. Kandi, your dresses and hair are really great in this post! The hair frames your face well. Looking forward to the October content.

  4. Love the dresses my dear and as always so well put together
    Sounds like such a great two evenings
    Look forward to hearing more

  5. Hi Kandi,
    Thanks for the update. I like the way your hair is styled and that Kors dress is so nice. Is that a side zipper I see in one of the photos? Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your evening.

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