What Will I Wear for Shopping?

She's back........!

By Tina Davis

It has been so long since I’ve been out shopping while dressed, and I know that I’ve put on a bit of weight in the last two years. I was afraid to even think about some of my dresses and whether they would fit! So when I started thinking about outfits for a day or two at an event I would be volunteering at, I went to more casual looks and forgiving fabrics.

I arrived at my hotel on a Tuesday night and did not have time for anything other than hanging up the outfits, putting on a nightgown, and going to bed. The next morning, August 10, 2022, I did the majority of shaving, leaving my face and any touch-ups for the evening. I had a dinner for the volunteers to attend that night, so again I was not able to go out. However, I did want to make the final decision on what to wear for shopping. Time for a photo shoot!

I first put on this red-orange t-shirt dress and almost took it right off again. In my opinion, I looked terrible and dumpy, but I did take pictures so I could see what I will need to do to get back in shape.

I really like this leopard print top, the draping hides my stomach and shapes my bustline nicely. I wore it with a denim skirt and decided immediately to wear it out shopping the next day. I had brought these low block heel sandals for easier walking, although they do rub a little bit on my toes.

I brought this black-and-white dress in case I had the chance to go out in the evening. I was sad that I couldn’t, but I do like the cold shoulder look and switched to my favorite black heels. I had fun taking lots of pictures using my tripod and remote – it was also fun later to go through them all and find the ones I liked.

After the shoot, I finally went to bed, excited for the day to come. My next post will tell all about the actual shopping trip!




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  1. A very nice choice of outfits Tina, that are both complimentary to your skin tone and body shape.
    You look good. Nothing is more fun than being out-and-about while shopping.
    Tell more stories of your adventures.
    Angel Amore

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