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Shopping Dressed is Heaven!

Tina tears it up at the mall!

By Tina Davis

When I woke up Thursday morning, August 11, 2022, I had already planned the major stops I wanted to make at the South Shore Plaza, a large mall in Braintree, MA, 12 minutes away from my hotel. The first one would be to check off one of my bucket list items, getting a bra fitting at Soma Lingerie. I have to thank Rhonda at Rhonda’s Escape for the high recommendation for Soma bras.

I tried to lighten my makeup for daytime, but I did put on my lashes for emphasis. I wore a mask leaving my room and riding the elevator to the lobby, but it was very quiet and I didn’t see anyone else from the event. I got into my car, took the mask off, drove to the mall as it was opening, and parked near an entrance I thought was close to Soma.

It turned out that I had chosen the wrong entrance and had to walk further inside than I expected. My feet kept sliding forward in my sandals, but I managed to slow my pace and relaxed as I heard the sound of my heels on the floor. I think I may have to look into a half size smaller in some open-toed shoes – down to a women’s 9. Yes, I have smaller feet, a blessing for any CD/TG.

When I got to Soma, I became nervous but determined to see my plan through. As I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the sales staff. One young woman, named Kaya, immediately said she loved my outfit and asked what I was looking for. I know I blushed slightly as I said, “I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but may I have a bra fitting?”

Kaya quickly reassured me that I didn’t need to be embarrassed and that she would be pleased to help me. She led me to the back fitting rooms and I stood in one as she took her measuring tape and wrapped it around my chest. As she did the overbust, I quietly said, “You know these are not real”, and she smiled and nodded. But then she treated me just like any other woman in the store, and I was glad to have the experience.

The measurements came out to a 40DD, a shock to me as I believed my forms to be no more than a C. I told Kaya that I had a couple of D bras and felt that the cups wrinkled too much. She said she would bring me some 40C and 40D bras to try on in multiple styles, and I should make sure to put my top back on to see how the bra looked under clothes. I tried on four different products and picked the Embraceable Perfect Coverage bra in 40C as the one I liked the best. I had a mocha color and wanted to find another, as the sale was BOGO 50% off. She came out to the racks with me and pointed me towards a light pink that I liked. After we found my size, I happily went up to the register with her and she rang up the bras. They were a little pricey, even with the sale, but the overall experience was well worth it. As Kaya handed me the bag, I gave her a big hug in gratitude for her help. She was so happy for me!

Next door to Soma is a Sephora store, so I walked right in. The MUA at the entrance asked how she could help me, and I answered, “My brows”. I almost never like how my brows look, and I’ve tried several different products that have been recommended to me. Autumn complimented the look I had done, saying that it was well matched with my hair color and face. She asked if I had used a brow pomade, to which I answered, “No”. She led me to the Anastasia display and pulled out a brown sample pot, which she dabbed on the back of her hand. I understood that I wouldn’t need to use a lot, and I do have a small brush to use for it.

I thanked Autumn for this find, and she asked if I needed anything else. I said that I wanted to browse for lipstick, so she let me wander the store and returned to her counter. I checked out many brands, but spent more time looking at the Sephora Collection options before picking out a glossy dark pink lipstick. I then looked at the eyeliner pencil shelf and found one I liked, as I am going through my current one quickly. Again, I was happy to have my items rung up and thanked Autumn again as I left the store.

Given the time, I was not going to be able to visit the large Nordstrom store in the mall. However, there is a Nordstrom Rack that was closer to my hotel, and I had actually bought the leopard top there a few years ago. Once again, I held my head up and walked into the store to check out the racks of dresses. Finding the clearance items, I pulled out two dresses that looked promising and went off to the fitting rooms. The black and grey dress was a bit tight and itchy, but the light brown was so cute (and not quite age appropriate), I had to get it.

I brought everything back to my room and took my outfit off, packing up my purchases in the separate bag I use on these trips. I had to get the bag and my tripod into the car, as I was picking up my wife late that afternoon. She was volunteering at the event for the weekend. I originally was going to bring my things home that night, but I waited until her morning shift on Friday to do so.

As always, the time flies by and I wish I could get out dressed more. But I realize that short, focused time allows me to immerse myself into being the best Tina I can be. Like I said in my last post, I didn’t need to do this, but I sure wanted to have the fun that I did experience. Until the next time!



9 Responses

  1. Tina, great adventure!! Nothing better than shopping while dressed. I have a hard time shopping for womens clothing NOT dressed any more. It really puts you in the right mindset for shopping.

  2. Tina,

    I was inspired by Rhonda too and had my first bra fitting at Soma on September 10th. It was a great experience. I also bought two to take advantage of the sale and because I couldn’t decide between two sizes (36C and 38B). I decided Soma sizes to make you feel more buxom, as I usually wear a 36B or 38A (if I can find one). Anyway, I am glad we shared that experience (a month apart) and checked something else off our respective bucket lists. By the way, the Soma wireless push up is Sooo soft. It is already my favorite bra. And I am not a paid spokesperson for Soma!


    1. Lisa, I feel that Soma bras are sized slightly differently, as the ones I have do not have the same level of stretch as other bras. Because I wear forms, any cleavage is by necessity manufactured. The next time I have the opportunity to dress, I may experiment with the bra to see what may be possible. Glad you got the chance to get fitted!

  3. Tina, sounds like a great time so glad you got out and enjoyed it so much
    I’ve never done a bra fitting but have shopped a few times in Victoria’s Secret but maybe someday

  4. Tina you lucky girl.
    I have been lucky enough to have had several bra fittings. I remember my first was both scary and exciting at the same time. I remember the scariest and hardest part was just walking into the Victoria’s Secret store. I was in male mode and when asked by the sales associative what I was looking for I said a bra for myself. That was also a scary part. She took me to the fitting room area and measured me. I told her what I was looking for and she put me in a dressing room before going out to get some different styles and sizes. Several of the adjacent rooms also had customers being worked by other SA.
    My SA brought back many different bras, adjusted the straps, checked the size, the hooks, etc. I bought a few bras that day.
    My other fittings have also been at Victoria’s Secret stores.
    Having a bra fitting is unlike any other experience. I think Tina will have another bra fitting in her future

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