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Tina’s Recovery Photo Shoots

Merry Christmas Tina! This is a repeat and it is one of the top ten posts ever here.

By Tina Davis

Back in January 2019, I broke my leg in an auto accident and was recovering at home for a few months. While I was not initially able to dress, once my wife returned to work and I started working from home, I had more chances to see what I could manage. Each time got a little bit easier and I was happier with my look. I was able to take photos of many outfits along the way and want to share some of them with you here.

The first outfit in March 2019 of a cold shoulder top and denim skirt with sneakers was deliberately casual with no makeup, as my leg was still wrapped and I wasn’t able to put any heels on or any weight on my leg. The crutches I was using are next to me, out of the shot, and I had taken off the leg brace for pictures.

The leopard dress photo was taken a couple of weeks later at the end of March 2019. I could put makeup and low heels on, and then stand without the crutches and brace, although they were within reach. I had gotten the dress on a good sale along with the circle necklace. Finding longer necklaces is sometimes more difficult, as I do have an unfortunately thick neck and can’t wear the standard 16-18″ chains.

After the wrapping came off my leg and I could leave the brace off more often, I put tights and heels on with this color block dress in mid-April 2019. The tights hid the visible scars and I was very happy that I could wear my favorite black heels. I couldn’t walk up or down the stairs in them at that time, but I managed fine on the one floor. If only I was going to the office looking like this, I would have fit right in with the financial professionals with whom I work.

I spent many days working from home during my recovery, but by June 2019, I only worked from home on the days I had physical therapy. On this day, I decided to put on some new items I had purchased back in February but had never worn except for a quick trying on. The first item was this blush pink skirt with lacing up the sides, worn with a long sleeved fuschia top and platform peep-toe nude heels. The faux leather looked good, but I found that the metal grommets for the lacing were not smooth inside the skirt and put multiple runs in my hosiery! I went through two pairs of pantyhose before figuring out how to avoid the problem.

The second outfit that day was this pink floral dress, so simple and comfortable. The feel of the fabric was soft and yet it showed every curve (fake though they are) as if I poured myself into the dress. I paired it with strappy fuchsia sandals, they are high but surprisingly easy to walk in. The knot at the base of the V-neck nestled between my forms, presenting cleavage that I was unprepared for yet happy to see. The long sleeves made my arms look thin and toned,  and the length of the dress is ideal for showing off a CD’s best asset – her legs!

The last outfit from my photo shoots at home is this casual red dress from July 2019. I added the skinny belt and low block heel sandals without hose, you can see the scars on my right leg at the knee and shin from the surgeries. On a hot summer day, this dress was very refreshing and comfortable.

I had already gotten out dressed at the end of June 2019 and was feeling good about my recovery. I did have a few more weeks of PT and visits with the orthopedic surgeon through January 2020, but I knew that everything was going well and I had no restrictions to the use of my leg. These photo shoots (and others later in the year) gave me the chance to get dressed and kept me going during the months of healing.

Revisiting this time now has been very useful to cope with the last year of almost no dressing. As we emerge from our pandemic cocoons, I am confident that we will see ourselves blossom again, showing the best sides of us and being the happy people we are meant to be.

Hugs, Tina


6 Responses

  1. A great fashion show, and a beautiful model.
    Thanks for doing this Tina, and have a speedy recovery.

    1. Jocelyn, these pictures are from two years ago, when I was recovering from my surgery. I am fully recovered now and have been for almost 18 months. I wrote this post to recall the progress I made that year, as I haven’t had opportunities to dress until just recently. You’ll see that weekend of fun here soon!

  2. Tina, nice post and I’m glad to see that unlike the poor lady on the headline picture, you survived with both legs intact.

    Lovely outfits on show and I also particularly identify with your ‘if only….’ comment in the first paragraph – damn that pesky Y chromosome!

    1. Thank you Amanda – I am grateful to have two functional legs, as the doctors had to put my right one back together! That year was initially very hard, but having the ability to dress more often was a godsend so that I wouldn’t become depressed.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post Tina. You and I are truly Sisters and I can totally relate to what you went through both mentally and physically. Oh and my favourite photo is your last one in the pink and black dress. The dress and you are absolutely beautiful. 🥰. Are you fully recovered now? I have a ways to go yet but I’m able to walk like a lady in heels again so the worst is behind me. 😋
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

    Trish ❤️

    1. Trish, I am fully recovered as the accident was in January 2019 and these pictures were all taken during that year of recovery. I do also love the pink floral dress and have worn it for a few photo shoots. I’m hoping to have a chance to wear it on an outing next month, although I do have a few more pounds on me now. Losing a bit of weight was a good side effect of that accident, but I’ve gained it all back in the last few years.

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