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Breakfast and Thrifting

She's back!

By the Super-Spectacular Tina Davis

I finally had the opportunity to plan for some time out dressed. I was volunteering for a three-day competition and was staying at a hotel paid for by the host organization. I arrived at the hotel the night before with two bags, one for my male things and one for my female things. After unpacking and hanging up the shirts, pants, and dresses, I got busy shaving my arms and chest. I’d done my legs the week before, and since it grows more slowly there, I could do a touch-up in the morning along with my face. I put on my nightgown and went to bed.

Of course, I woke up early on January 5, 2024, excited to start the day. My first volunteer shift would begin at 1:30 PM, and I needed to arrive at the facility by 12:30 to have the lunch I ordered. I finished shaving my face and legs, checked for missed spots on my chest and hands, then slathered on some moisturizer to soften my skin. While that dried, I pulled out a purple cable-knit sweater, skinny jeans, and black heeled booties. Because it was cold out, I added a beige tank top under the sweater when I got dressed. Makeup and hair were casual but presentable for daytime, and I added a long necklace with a metal rectangle along with small clip hoop earrings.

I put the necessary items (wallet, keys, hotel key, makeup for touching up, tissues) into my black handbag and started taking pictures with my phone and tripod, both under a hotel light and using the natural light from the windows. I realized that the sweater looked more reddish under the hotel light, but I liked using the mirror for these pictures.

Once I moved to natural light, I thought the pictures came out better. I relaxed and had some fun! I rechecked my makeup, put on my coat, and went off to a local donut shop for breakfast. I don’t drink coffee, so I got an orange juice and a single donut, sat down at a window table, and watched people come in and out. No one paid any attention to me as far as I could tell. It always feels wonderful to just be myself.

I spent an hour at the donut shop, then went back to the hotel as the consignment store I wanted to visit didn’t open until 10. I was also a bit warm, so I took off the beige tank top and put the sweater back on. I started going over the pictures I took, deleting the obvious ones where I was squinting or had a strange smile. When I went back downstairs and walked through the lobby, my heels sounding on the floor, the desk clerk smiled at me, saying hello. I smiled back and said good morning, and it was about to get even better.

The consignment store was tucked in the corner of a building that might have been an office before. The racks were separated by type (tops, sweaters, pants, dresses) and well-labeled, making it easy to look for things in my size. I pulled out a silk print sleeveless top, two pairs of dress pants, a pretty dress with a flared skirt, and a cobalt blue skirt with a black band hem. Then I found a tan leather handbag, smaller in size, that would go perfectly with the dress I was planning to wear Saturday night. All these items were on their last ticketed price, so I was going to get a great deal with whatever I ended up buying.

Off to a dressing cubicle I went, pulling the curtain closed behind me. I tried on the pants first, the black size 12 pair was okay but felt slightly big. The brown size 10 pair with the side zipper fit better, so I put that one aside and then tried on the Jones New York size 12 skirt. I really liked the silhouette and the color combination, so that became a keeper along with the bag. Both the silk top and the dress were too small, even though they were marked size Large. I decided not to get the brown pants, so I put my clothes back on, went up to the register with my items, and spent less than $11.

I drove back to the hotel and added the skirt and handbag to the travel bag I use for my female items. Sadly, I had to take off my makeup and get ready for my shift, but I was already anticipating the next day’s adventure – a night off for me to go out to dinner in a dress and heels. If only the approaching snowstorm would hold off…

To be continued!

Editorial comment: This just fills me with pride! Tina is joyful, glowing and that picture on the bed so cute. And I get the honor of sharing this with all of you!


5 Responses

  1. Tina, you look great and more importantly your smile is radiant, you look SO happy and I’m happy for you ❤️.

  2. Tina,
    I get as much pleasure from buying nice items at knockdown prices as I do in more expensive retail shops . The times people have asked if they could shop with me when I’ve mentioned what I paid for items from a charity shop .

    I understand more when girls talk about layering now , items like lightweight cardigans are a godsend , how different colours can dress an outfit up or down . The one item I’ve found so useful is a scarf , especially the lightweight chiffon types , most charity shops have a bin full usually priced at £1.00 ( $1.50 ? ) , I have at least one different one for every jacket and coat in my wardrobe , they can look pretty and stylish as well as keeping the chill from your neckline if you’re wearing a low neckline .
    While I admit I don’t like the cold , I’m always sad when it turns too warm to wear nice boots and cute winter jackets .

    Look forward to your next installment , it’s lovely to see you girls out and about .

  3. Thank you Teresa, for your lovely comments. I don’t usually shop at these type of stores, but I was happy to find this one on my trip. I did look at the scarves in the shop, but they weren’t as good a deal. The next items on my list are a women’s winter coat and some sturdier boots, although I don’t know how I would keep them out of sight of my disapproving wife.

  4. Tina,
    Wives can surprise you at times ! I couldn’t believe my ex offered wardrobe space in our daughter’s bedroom after she’d married and left home . Before that I was secretly storing my items in my darkroom , when we closed our business the darkroom had to be cleared so I admitted it was where I stored my clothes . The burning question is did she ever check my clothes out when she was alone in the house , intuition tells me she did but by then it didn’t matter because the house was going on the market so we could go our separate ways .

    I also had a hole in my wardrobe as far as coats and jackets were concerned when I set up my new home , I didn’t realise how many a girl would need not forgetting shoes , boots and handbags to go with them . One thing for sure I’ll never tire of shopping , there’s always something that needs updating .

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