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Tina vs. Mother Nature

Welcome to Tina Week! This is her most recent adventure, well sort of....

By Tina Davis

It’s no contest – Mother Nature wins every time!

I was able to get out dressed during a recent four-day event that turned into three days and a major Nor’easter storm in the middle. I had packed a small bag of female clothes to take along with me for a short trip to the event. I am still hiding the majority of my dressing from my wife, although she is aware that I have dressed. Like Amanda’s situation from her series of posts, it is currently better to continue in this manner than to open the floodgates to everything at this time.

I drove to the event on January 27th and checked into the hotel that night. I had time in my schedule planned for a nice dinner on Friday the 28th and shopping on Saturday morning, but the impending snowstorm was quickly changing what I would be able to do. The event shifted everything off of Saturday, moving some things to Friday night and the rest to Sunday.

So I got up early in the morning on January 28, 2022 to shave and then dressed in a casual outfit for a quick run to Target, which is in a large plaza across from the hotel. The dark red sweater is quite warm and was tucked in a trendy fashion into a pair of skinny jeans. I did wear my male sneakers out, as I didn’t feel right about putting on my heeled booties at 7:15 AM. Some light makeup, a quick brush of my wig, a plain mask on, and I was on my way. No issues in the store, I found a new plum lipstick and some sheer tights – it’s funny that the word “pantyhose” is no longer being used! Then as I passed the accessories, I spied some sterling silver rings on a rack and had to check them out. Lo and behold, I came across a bridal set (solitaire and band) in cubic zirconia in my size and quickly added them to my basket. I went through the self checkout and back to my hotel room, where I did put on the booties for some pictures.

My original plan was to finish my shift at the event around 3, get dressed for dinner, and head to a nice restaurant. But due to the schedule changes, I had to stick around and ended up eating at the facility. The dinner was very good, I was just disappointed not to be in a dress and heels! I had talked with my wife earlier and decided it would be safer to stay in the hotel during the snowstorm rather than drive home that night and not be able to get back on Sunday morning.

The snow started around 11 PM Friday night and snowed for almost 24 hours. The wind was very strong, but because the temperatures were cold, the snow was lighter and blew around rather than being heavy and piling up. We still got at least 20 inches at the hotel, but we didn’t lose power. Since we were not having any organized activities other than meals, I was able to go back to my room after lunch and get dressed.

This tan colored dress from Venus is very unforgiving, even with some serious shapewear assistance. But it is also unforgettable and looks amazing – while completely covering from neck to lower thigh, it is definitely a sexy dress. For an edgy look, I wore nude fishnet tights and my booties, then I amped up the makeup as I would have done for a dinner out. I started taking pictures using my tripod and remote and was very happy with several poses.

Thankfully, my room was on the first floor of the hotel, so I could move the furniture and lights around without too much worry. I did also bring in some natural light, as the room lights seemed to make the dress look more yellow than tan.

I even took a few close-up selfies to show off my makeup, including the false lashes and the new plum lipstick. I’ll never be a beauty queen or a makeup maven, but I think I managed a fine look. The only problem area for me is my eyebrows, I’ve tried several different products and usually haven’t liked the results. Guess I need to practice more, but that’s not something that I have the opportunity to do very often.

Once the photo shoot was done, I simply sat on the bed fully dressed and scrolled through the results on my phone, keeping the ones I liked most and deleting the rest. I ended up with two dozen pictures, so the ones here are the best of the group. It was a nice afternoon, even with the howling storm outside my window. Eventually, I had to clean up and get ready for dinner, with everything packed away for the trip home on Sunday.

I was sad not to have a better opportunity to get out, but the winter season is definitely not my favorite for outings. Hopefully, there will be other chances when the warmer weather comes back to New England.

Hugs, Tina

Tina will be taking over for me for the week. It is both a gift to her for her inability to get out as often as she would like and I need some time to get caught up. I just returned from three days, two shows and one amazing experience after another at New York Fashion Week! I have over 400 photos and videos to work my way through and three days of stories to tell! This could take some time…..


6 Responses

  1. Tina you look lovely in the yellow dress and me being all about the casual look I love the sweater and jeans, one of my main go to looks
    Your makeup is really good, I think you could teach me a few things
    Thanks for sharing and look forward to more

    1. Thank you Rachael, I do like this sweater as it keeps me warm. And I try to be appropriate when I go out shopping, especially to a store like Target. And I appreciate the comments on my makeup, I am often my own worst enemy about my efforts. The rest of this week will be more of my “greatest hits”, as I don’t get out much in the winter in general and very little since the start of the pandemic.

  2. Great post! I love the outfits and the normality of the whole situation.

    And a special commendation for those lashes which looked perfect. Whenever I try, it just looks like a couple of centipedes have dropped onto my eyelids and been killed by the impact. Practice makes perfect, I guess!

  3. Thank you Amanda – I had always felt clumsy applying lashes until I figured out that using tweezers made the task infinitely easier!

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