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Dressed for Dinner

Tina got out!!!!!!!!

It was the start of a hot week in New England, and I was volunteering at a major event for 6 days straight. I had managed to pack a second suitcase for Tina over the previous weekend and transferred it to the car the night before driving to the event. Given the event schedule, I planned to go out dressed for dinner the first night. So on August 10, 2021, I checked into the hotel, brought my two suitcases up to the room, and unpacked the bag of female clothes.

I first put on a casual look, a long, beige tank top over gray leggings, with a black open cardigan and my white gladiator sandals. This was for going to the nail salon for a needed mani-pedi. I did a daytime makeup look but kept my mask on in the salon. I got a muted pink color on my toes and a transparent nude on my fingers.

Once I got back to the hotel room, I changed into this Calvin Klein dress and black heels, without hose as it was quite warm. I redid some of the makeup and took a few pictures using my new tripod and remote. I kept the black cardigan with me in case the restaurant was chilly and put my mask on again.

I walked out of the elevator and passed by a group of people who were also volunteers for the event, with no sign of recognition. I nodded to the hotel clerk and strutted out the door to my car, my heels clicking across the floor and pavement. I drove to the restaurant, which was busy for a Tuesday night, but they seated me at a high-top table near the bar. I enjoyed a wonderful meal and a glass of wine, my legs crossed and a heel hooked on the rung of the chair.

I drove back to the hotel and took more pictures outside, then I walked back in, meeting one person that I know right as she was leaving the elevator. She said “Excuse me” and went by to join the group who were mingling in the lobby and conference room. I got in the elevator and went to my room. I took some close-up selfies and found one I liked enough to keep. Then it was time to take off the makeup, put on a short nightgown, and go to bed.

I did get another chance to dress the next night, but it was too hot for makeup and too late for going out. I experimented with the tripod to take some more pictures and got more comfortable with the remote.

I had to pack everything away and bring that suitcase home on Thursday, as my wife was coming to stay and volunteer for the weekend. It was good to get out, even for just the one night, and I had a really nice time.

Hugs, Tina


4 Responses

  1. Your pics are great! I miss the events like Keystone and First Event. Hopefully they will return next year. I love meeting other girls from all over.

  2. Tina,
    You look great.
    I’m so glad you got out and enjoyed showing off your dress and shoes. Plus, a wonderful job on your makeup.
    Us infrequent ladies have to take full advantage of the circumstances.

    1. Jocelyn, thanks for the kind words, I did like my makeup that night and felt great in the dress and heels. I absolutely agree that when I get the chance, I’m going all out to enjoy myself!

  3. Terri, First Event is in my backyard. I’ve never been, although I came close to going a few years ago. The only part I would be interested in is the social events and the fashion show. Thanks for the compliment on my pictures!

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