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So happy.......


gerund or present participle: jonesing

  1. have a fixation on; be addicted to. “Palmer was jonesing for some coke again”

It had been ten days and this girl was jonesing for…….being herself, out in public. I can relate to our friend Palmer in the definition above.


Want to see me walk the runway???


February 23, 2022, no real story, no photos, but I got out! It had been ten days, which for me, is an eternity! No photos because it was the outfit I had worn and no one but you had seen a few weeks back, when my truck’s water pump went.

I looked like a woman on her way to work. I went to two clothing exchanges, turned a bunch of stuff into a fabulous cowl neck sweater, a to-die-for belt and a cute bracelet. This outfit will be a feature outfit at Keystone, I have already set her up for the trip. A gentleman at one of the exchanges asked if I was on my way to work. I said I was and in some way, I was. Then I “worked” an art museum shift on a relatively dead day and picked up some wine on the way home, where the cashier complimented me on my necklace. What girl doesn’t love a compliment!!


I am so very happy! Actual, live, in person, human-to-human, charitable events are back!! And I am back to doing the things I relish. On February 25, 2022, The American Heart Association held it’s Go Red For Women event. The previous Saturday I tripped while running. That trip cost me a portion of the skin on a knee. So the original plan to wear a red CK favorite dress became a plan to wear a pair of black slacks, white blouse and a red CK (yeah, I love CK) blazer.

What pleased me the most was that I was remembered! Yes, I do understand why I am remembered, but I am remembered fondly. Many of the other women working told me they remembered me from the last event (in 2020, just before the plague settled upon us). We, unfortunately, had to wear masks (ironically on the day the CDC dropped any recommendations for wearing masks), but I spent most of the afternoon smiling at folks. It simply was great to be there!


I’m pretty damn proud of this place! Been reading what has been posted here recently? I certainly understand I am serving, shall we say, a niche market. But no where (and if I am wrong, please tell me how), no where can you read such great content, day in and day out, than here. We never mail it in, we bring it every single day! Okay, I think I pulled a muscle patting myself on the back, but am I wrong?

Coming soon, my trip to Keystone. Coming soon, my week at work, on a real job, as Kandi. All the joys and all the work associated with that. Getting up early to be out the door, coming up with an outfit every day, still keeping up with my training and household responsibilities, yeah I know, learning what it is like to be a woman in today’s society!


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