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“Three Times In One Month”

Miss Ubiquitous 2023

“I have seen you now three times in the one month since I moved to Cleveland!”

September 1, 2023, the first Friday of the month and of course, I am working The Cleveland Museum of Art’s MIX party. I had just come off two days in the truck followed by a trip to Atlanta for training on my newest apparel line. The Labor Day weekend was ahead, which meant three days….to work. So this day was principally a “me” day. After some work and a workout, I got ready and headed out the door. Stop number one, sell clothing. A success, the basket completely emptied. If you go back and look at my wardrobe over the past month or so, I no longer own most of that clothing, it hangs at Avalon Exchange in Cleveland Heights.

Stop two, two wigs! I recently went into great detail on my wigs, so I won’t be repetitive here. I like this boutique that sells principally clothing for black woman and is run by a Korean couple. But they carry my favorite wig brand. The woman who owns the place is so sweet to me. My new look coming to a blog near you soon!

Then I hit a Chinese restaurant for lunch/dinner and then over to the mall for some time killing. I tried on a few dresses and ended up with a new bikini top (to go along with a new high waisted thong, coming soon to a blog near you!). Fun!

I high-tailed it to near the museum and did my photo shoot. My outfit, practical and casual.

I then hunkered down and wrote the recent “Concessions Made” essay and then it was MIX time! It was not a sellout, probably due to the holiday weekend, but I really just enjoyed being me, being Miss Mix. Among many interactions, two stood out.

My job is to prevent drinks into the galleries. A couple of woman walked up and I did my thing to remind them. They were very polite and then one of the woman came up and introduced herself. She moved to Cleveland from Chicago to take the job as Executive Director of GroundWorks Dance Company. Jenai had seen me at a Plexus function, I greeted her the weekend prior for the HRC event and then this evening. She had seen me three times since her move. I guess I am ubiquitous. We had a lovely conversation and I expect to see them perform very soon.

Then Blazine ambled up and introduced herself. People see me there all the time and sometimes I simply smile at them or remind them about their drinks. And then months later they will remember seeing me and introduce themselves. Blazine is a bubbly younger woman (almost everyone is younger than I am at this point in time). We leaned against a rail next to each other and chatted like girlfriends. So here is the cool thing. She is getting married soon and I recommended both a venue and my favorite dress boutique. She seemed very interested and when I offered to do some dress shopping with her she was very excited about it. While I hope that happens, I have been down this road before, She has my card and I hope to hear from her soon! [I wrote this post the day after it happened. Not ten minutes after I finished writing, Blazine texted me. We had a nice text chat and are going to grab some brunch very soon, details coming soon to a blog near you!]

I ended my five days of sobriety as planned and am striving for no alcohol during the week and no overdoing it on the weekends. The Friday evening with Sherry and the HRC pre-event event, where I got hammered, left me ashamed of myself (although I did not embarrass myself with anyone because apparently I was sort of the life of the party, so I’m told). I returned home in one piece, but to have driven that night was idiotic. I continue to throttle back a bit, let all the connections I have made present me with opportunities and see where it all goes. Lately I am feeling pretty good in my own skin.


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  1. I love that outfit too and it’s because I just think I look better as a causal girl, now don’t get me wrong a cute skirt and I’m ready to wear anytime lol
    Thanks for sharing

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