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Now Where Were We?

What's better than wearing a sundress all afternoon?

Two days after my truck broke down, I picked up where I left off.

On June 24, 2022 I wore the sundress I just acquired and took my basket of clothes to the other clothing exchange. I had accumulated a bit of store credit, so I tried on a few dresses. One of the girls that worked there acted as my advisor. I changed and modeled each dress for her and asked for her opinion. We agreed on two dresses. I also picked up the perfect earrings for my outfit which I planned to wear the following day.

From there I drove to a nearby Walmart. I got some things to restock our fridge and also picked up a few needed cosmetic items. I really just took my time and enjoyed being out in this lovely and very flattering sundress!

My next stop was to do our weekly grocery shopping. Again, I simply took my time and enjoyed being out. We get a 20% on groceries as my wife is an employee of this grocery chain, so I always like to take advantage of items on sale and then top it off with the discount. Ice cream was on a significant sale, so I ended up getting a few cartons at about 40% of the regular price. As I was placing them in the cart, a gentleman who worked there told me about another brand of ice cream he liked. I wouldn’t say he was flirting with me, but I can assure you had I not been dressed as I was, he would not have struck up a conversation.

Finally on the way home I cashed in a gift card at a running store I got for Fathers’ Day from one of our daughters (the other paid for my ticket to see Sir Paul McCartney in New Jersey). I again took my time and chatted with the woman working there.

A nice afternoon and a productive one to boot!

Check out our latest video, it’s not perfect, but it’s all I can do by myself!


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  1. Lovely dress, for sure as far as dresses go I love my sundresses
    Yes being out and just being a girl as normal as any of them is always a good day indeed

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