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Indian Summer Days

Two days, two terrific outfits, great experiences and great friends!

It has been unseasonably warm of late, much to my disappointment. I love the cool Fall days. Plus, I want to get to my sweaters!

It was a Wednesday, October 6, 2021 and I had improv in the evening. I flip-flopped the outfits I had planned for this day and the next as it was so nice out. I wanted to spend the day in this lovely peasant dress and I enjoyed every minutes of it!

I ran a few errands before heading across town for my dinner, drinks and class. After a great Vermont Mac & Cheese and a few fabulous Manhattans, it was time for class. The acting school relocated within the same shopping complex, into a much bigger space.

In class we did one of my favorite exercises, called “This is the day”. There are two of us, one of which knows what we have to tell the other. In my first go around, my scene partner had to tell me he ran over my cat (I morphed into the crazy cat lady). In my second one, I had to tell my scene partner I had to move to China (I went with the fact that I hate, even though I really love, Chinese food). Both went well. I am certainly one lucky girl to have these experiences.

Then on October 7, 2021, I worked my bartender shift at Weathervane Theater. I hit the mall beforehand and picked up an uber-comfortable bra with a front closure, my favorite brand at a deep discount. I just love walking a mall when dressed and I naturally feel myself walk in a very feminine fashion, without thought.

I am a big stripes or polka dots girl. This sweater was light, casual and went tremendously well with black leggings and booties. Then I went to Vacarro’s and met my friends (whom I met there months back and have remained friends) Wendy and Mike for, you guessed it, my Manhattans and dinner.

I wrapped up the evening at the theater, nothing very eventful.

I cannot explain the great joy I have wearing an outfit well executed. I look forward to them and then once they see the light of day, on to the next one!

Shout out: A big Kandi’s Land shout out to my friend, Pat, from the art museum!!


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I can see from your messages that you really Enjoy being a woman. Isn’t it a great feeling? Plus you have the added bonus that you are generally accepted as a woman by your many friends, classmates and associates. What a lucky girl you are.

    1. Sue Anne, uber-confidence is the absolute key. People see an extraordinarily happy human being and they are literally drawn to it like flies. Yes, being a woman is an absolute gift, but having a mother, three sisters, no brother, a wife, two daughters, no sons, I know there are issues being a woman that I never have or had to deal with. Just wait until you read an upcoming post where I was just completely accepted as a woman at a bridal show. I have issues in my life, this just doesn’t happen to be one of them. Thanks dear!!

  2. from being a regular reader I conclude that you have an Imelda Marcos syndrome except for clothes. where do you store all of the garments? (don’t feel bad-I am similarly afflicted)

    1. Em, there is no question. I’ll tell you what, I will write a post about that, it’s too much to write here. But I will say, I do acquire a great deal of my clothing literally for a dollar or in clothing swaps. For example, two recent dress I wore were swapped for a sweater and I got a few buck to boot!

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