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From Cleveland, For Cleveland – Lili Reinhart

An enjoyable evening!

From Cleveland, For Cleveland is an interactive virtual conversation with incredibly talented people in the film industry! We believe that the best way to forge the career you want, is to learn from those who have been successful doing what you aim to do!”

I am an occasional student at 1st Team Actors Studio and have been cast twice by their associated casting company, Angela Boehm Casting. I signed up for VIP passes to all six of these presentations. The first such was with Lili Reinhart.

Lili Pauline Reinhart is an actress and producer who is proud to call Bay Village, Ohio (Cleveland suburb) her hometown. She officially began her acting career when she decided to audition on a whim for an Olmsted Performing Arts musical production when she was 12. Many musicals and auditions later, Lili would meet her first manager and subsequently sign with her first agent. Lili is most well known for the role of Betty Cooper in the CW hit series “Riverdale” which has just completed its sixth season. You may also recognize her as the face of Cover Girl for the past two years as well. She has won several Teen Choice Awards during her time on Riverdale and has amassed an Instagram following of almost 30 million people.

In the past two years Lili has appeared in the critically acclaimed film “Hustlers” starring along with Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Keke Palmer. She also produced and starred in Amazon’s “Chemical Hearts” film which was the first project that introduced her to the producing side of the business. In the meantime she has created her own production company (Small Victory Productions) and signed a first look deal with Amazon Studios for Film and TV. Small Victory will develop original and adapted content for film and television with a focus on modern young adult content that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Lili’s next film project to be released will be Netflix produced “Plus/Minus” which is slated for a release this August. Reinhart can also add the title “Author” to her name as her debut collection of poetry “Swimming Lessons” became a New York Times best seller.

As you can imagine, I had never heard of her. On July 17, 2022 I attended this event.

My outing started with dinner at Ninja City and then I went over to the theater. I saw some folks I hadn’t seen in a while and met some new ones, including a few active in the industry. I was able to sit in the same row as Lili’s Mom. Lili was Zoomed on the big screen and members of the audience asked various questions. It was a delightful hour spent!

Some highlights for me was the compliment I received from another woman there, telling me how well put together I was. That always pleases me because I do give careful consideration about every aspect of my wardrobe and it is so nice that it comes through.

Another young lady/fellow actress said he recognized me from the “Shooting Stars” shoot I was a part of. That was also nice since there were a lot of people there and I looked different for that shoot (dark hair and no glasses). As I have said before, I am noticed, I am always noticed. When the event was over it was pouring rain, so I walked her to her car as we shared an umbrella.

I got to chat briefly with Lili’s Mom and he was also very delightful. I even admitted I hadn’t previously heard of Lili, but knew she must be proud of her as well as her other two daughters. It was so impressive how grounded Lili is and how glowingly she spoke of her hometown.

It was a wonderful evening and I look forward to the next one!


4 Responses

  1. Kandi, I love the purple outfit, you look amazing in that color! So great for you to take part in these VIP events and meet more wonderful people.

  2. Kandi when you make it big in Hollywood, all I’ll ask of you is to hook up an introduction to Sandra Bullock for me. 🙂
    So glad you had a great time at the event, and as always you look great !!
    Hugs, Samantha.

    1. I’ve missed you my friend!!

      I have my next movie premier in two weeks!!

      I’ll tell Sandy (her friends call her that) you said hello!!

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