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Always Something Interesting!

My outings just keep topping themselves!

It was another improv class on September 29, 2021. My day started (not completely dressed) with an appointment with my doctor, to follow up on my high blood pressure. She and I are friends as well and I find out she knows the director of the movie I am currently involved with. Small world.

I don’t have a great story, just a great afternoon. I stopped at one of my consignment stores and left a number of items for possible sale. Then I hit ULTA and picked up some more new lipsticks. I have modified how I wear my lipstick since learning a few things while in DC, having had two makeovers.

Then I simply walked the mall a bit, feeling so right on my outfit. You can see from the photos I am also experimenting with new ways to take my selfies. So forgive the light ring reflecting back in my glasses. I’ll figure this out….

At the mall I picked up an adorable necklace, which you will see me wear the following day! Just the interchange with the SA who rung me up was so wonderful.

I ate outdoors on a glorious 70 degree day and then sat bar side with my PC and favorite bartender. Finally improv class was just great. There is a married couple in my class, both professional dancers. He is Chinese, she is not. They lived in China for a while. Barbara went out of her way to compliment me on my dress and her husband told me how good I looked every week, always different and always well put together. I take pride in the fact that my attention to details is actually noticed. A special day, only to be topped by…..

September 30, 2021. After taking care of what needed to be done with my Mom and around the house, I got dressed and went to visit my friend Lisa at Piece Unique. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. She became a grandmother and I became an actress, so we had much to catch up on. A woman could not ask for a better friend!

I then headed south and did a quick outdoor photo shoot before my dinner. I was not pleased with the results, but I did keep one of the photos.

Then it got really interesting. I sat at the bar at Vacarro’s Trattoria and got caught up with my friend Rosie, also an actress and this day, bartender. I had a few cocktails (what else is new?) and my dinner and a woman sat at the opposite corner of the bar from me. She was working on her PC and had a spill. One thing lead to another, conversation flowed back and forth, I moved down a few seats, we shared, talked, got to know each other and long story short, hugs ensued and we are planning a girls’ night out! Lynn is such a special person. Every single time I go to this place, I make a real and in many cases, long lasting human connection. Awesome!

The evening wrapped with me tending bar at Weathervane Theater (first time back in probably two years) for Kinky Boots. I will be the Thursday bar tender for the run of the show. I renewed a few acquaintances and had fun (despite the mask requirement).

I loved my pink dress, leggings and in the spirit of the day, my boots!


Bonus post: A Revelation, Really?

In my recent “An Open Letter to Our Wives” , I received feedback that they were surprised that I said I was a woman in my head AKA transgendered. Anyone who dresses as often as I do (usually three times a week, doing so for many years), who pays such attention to every detail and does so as publicly as I do would be less than honest if they said anything otherwise. Is this really a surprise?

Now be honest with yourself. If you frequently think about dressing, what to wear, how to wear it, are you any different than I am? If you are on CD forums, reading blogs like this one, daily or often, are you really any different than I am? You may well be, but as many can testify, there is something about this that permeates you, which is why it is so difficult to stop. Yes, it can be done, but it ain’t easy. I have zero interest in transitioning, for many reasons other than my sacred marital vows, but being that person, when I can be that person, remains and I expect always will remain, special. Are we that different?

I have updated the “About” page to reflect these realities and to bring the other information up to date. Check it out!


4 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Beautiful lady and gorgeous necklace. I just reread your “About” and couldn’t agree more.

    You are a very talented lady in so many facets of your life. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I always find it interesting with how much ease you are being Kandi, and while I think I’m kinda the same way you seem way more put together.
    As far as are you trans, if you go by most folks definition you are trans or at least under the umbrella.
    Transitioning or not doesn’t matter but I’m not going to argue the point as so many have told me you do you
    Hugs Rach

    1. I wish I could explain my absolute comfort being Kandi. I now know because I have been so well received almost universally (not bragging, just an absolute fact from significant personal experience) my confidence level is through the roof. Just wait until you read the post about the bridal show I just worked. Regarding definitions, whatever I am is whatever I am. Love you Rach!!

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