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Tina’s Spring Weekend, Part 2

Here we go! A Tina fashion show!

(aka The Fashion Shoot)

By Tina Davis

On the evening of May 8, 2021 I planned on trying on all of the new dresses I had bought from Venus, along with several other outfits that I put together the night before. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, although I was too lazy to change my makeup along with each outfit.

Since I was already wearing new nude heels from Amazon with the dress I wore to dinner (see part 1), I started with this orange dress from Venus. It is a simple knit t-shirt fabric with a standard crew neck, but the focal point of the dress is the lacing all the way up the back. It hugs my padded curves and really emphasizes my backside. It can be dressed down as well for a more casual look.

I moved on to the Venus dress I was most excited about, a beige mock-neck dress with bell sleeves. It has an exposed gold zipper in the back, but it is very form-fitting and, in all honesty, somewhat sexy. It does show every curve, as well as any lumps and bumps from my shapewear. Next time, I’ll put on a shaping slip to smooth everything out! But I am loving it anyway, the fabric is thick and comfortable, and the dress will work for the fall, winter, and spring. And it was only $10!

At this point, I took off my false eyelashes, as I didn’t want one to fall off when changing clothes. I put on one of my favorite dresses, this pink floral print from ShoeDazzle. The fabric is stretchy but makes my arms look thin, and it has a deep V-neck to show off this pink pendant and my manufactured cleavage. These fuchsia strappy sandals are the highest heel I now own, after sending three others to the donation bag because of poor fit. But they are reasonably comfortable to walk in and look perfect with the dress.

I decided to go with a business look for the next dress, a pink sleeveless number with a side zipper I got from Amazon. I topped it with a black-and-white blazer and my classic black heels. Working in the financial industry is the perfect place for this look! I would just tone down the makeup, add subdued jewelry, and I’d be all set for a regular work day.

Switching gears, this new Venus dress is a big step for me, as it completely bares my shoulders. I’ve worn sleeveless dresses and tops before, but nothing like this! I have a strapless bra on, and a summer dress like this demands bare legs as well. If I lived in Florida or southern California, I could see myself wearing it often, usually with a wedge sandal. I paired it with my white gladiator sandals for a casually cool look. Certainly not as many opportunities in Massachusetts to wear this dress – and I’d need to get some color in my pale skin!

I am a fan of the cold shoulder look, and this Venus dress is a perfect example of it. It is surprisingly silky, and the open shoulders and three-quarter sleeves give my arms a feminine appearance. As with most of my dresses, the hem is just above the knee, but with black hose and heels, it is another office-appropriate outfit.

Party time is coming with this dress from ShoeDazzle! It’s metallic black with ruching on the long sleeves and down the front. The fabric is a little thin, but it sure is fun to wear. I put on a simple black heeled sandal and would add only some flashy earrings, as the dress is the statement piece of the outfit. I need a glass of Champagne to toast with here!

The final outfit of the night is actually a black top and skirt. The Henley top from Venus has open lace along the yoke, showing my black bra straps underneath. The zebra shadow print pencil skirt is from Kohl’s is slightly longer than I usually wear, but it looks really nice. I put on my Fergie heeled booties for a trendy monochrome look that works both for the office and for dinner out on the town.

I was a little sad on Sunday that I had to put it all away, but I did spend the morning dressed. First, for a short home workout, I put on a sports bra, leggings, and sneakers, then changed into a hot pink bodysuit and skinny jeans for an hour or so. I cleaned off my red fingernails, washed up, and drove to the airport to pick up my wife.

As I only have limited time to dress, when I get the chance like I did that weekend, I will take every opportunity to change outfits, especially when I have many new things to play with. While I don’t know when my next chance will be, I am sure that I will make the most of it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my photo shoot, I definitely enjoyed taking the pictures!

Hugs, Tina


10 Responses

  1. Tina, you look absolutely gorgeous. What wonderful collection of dresses. My favourite is the Venus Dress, I could see myself in that .

    Faye x

    1. Thank you Faye, but which Venus dress is your favorite? I wore 4 different ones in this shoot (orange with lacing, beige mock-neck, bare shoulders, and black-and-white cold shoulder)!

  2. Tina: I have enjoyed reading your past two posts. You look amazing in all your outfits. I have ordered things from Venus before as well. Unfortunately with the border to Canada closed for now, I can’t get over the US to pick up parcels. Hopefully soon. In the meantime I’ll shop by looking at your amazing collection. Looking forward to an extended Frannie break too, although who knows when that will be.

    1. Thank you Frannie! I’ve had good experience with Venus dresses, and now I’m looking at other items from them to expand my wardrobe. Hope you’ll be able to find some time for yourself, and that the border opens up soon!

    1. Julie, this is high praise coming from the queen of fabulous fashion! Admittedly, I stalked these dresses online for months and got them on clearance prices. But I love them all and was very happy with the pictures.

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