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Could It Get Any Better?

Same movie, me again as an extra and me again will be seen in this movie. And of course, I made new friends again!

Just so happy after being in the wedding scene, I see another e-mail for the same movie, looking for extras in a murder trial. I respond, understanding that a movie requires continuity. I told them I could wear a different wig, different glasses and be a whole different woman.

What a tremendous bunch of people. The entirety of both shoots I was treated so well, nothing other than any other cast member. My obvious uniqueness a non-issue. The assistant to the director came up to me and told me I did a great job of looking different (that’s why I went with the darker wig for this shoot). She high-fived me!

We were told to bring three outfits, but it ended up we only needed two. I was a juror and I can assure you, I will be in this movie! I cannot end up on the cutting room floor because of where I was seated. My best guess, never having done this before, I will probably have a minute or two of screen time, in multiple different scenes. On my way to the shoot, I stopped downtown on a 90+ degree day, June 5, 2021, to take a few photos.

There were far more extras at this shoot and I quickly made a very good friend in Kathy, who sat next to me in the juror box. We immediately clicked and just enjoyed each other’s company for our five hour day. Kathy, thank you for such amazing kindness!!

The first outfit was worn during the cross-examination of the defendant, who had a surprising outburst on his way out of the court room. That required some facial expressions and being the thespian that I am, I did my part!

After a very long shoot for this scene, which required doing things time and again to get different camera angles, it was time to change outfits. I was going to change with the other woman (and could have), but the room we used had no mirror, which is essential for me, so I used the single bathroom, having to wait a bit. I then asked Kathy to capture a few photos for me in the second outfit. This skirt suit is a whole other story, acquired in two separate thrift store purchases, resulting in an actual Ann Taylor skirt suit for a few bucks! It’s hard to see the buttons here on the jacket and skirt, but it’s a match!!

I was sitting in the first seat in the juror box and they decided to give one of us a speaking role to announce the decision of the jury. They wisely chose Kathy (my voice should not be in any movie). As she told the judge of our guilty verdict, my legs were very prominently in the frame. Yeah me! Yeah Kathy, she did great! She even corrected a flaw in one of the lines as written.

Afterward, I felt great, so I stopped for dinner at a favorite sports bar. I parked myself at the bar and no one paid me any attention. There was a gentleman to my left, one seat away and he clearly had a few. The Belmont was on and one of the preliminary races was pretty exciting. That started a lengthy conversation between the two of us. And the conversation was all sports and not superficial. I went into great detail on a number of things including the depth of the Browns roster and some historical Browns personnel. The cool thing, it was two people talking sports, one of which looking cute as a button!

There were two African-American gentlemen seated to my right and I chuckled to myself as one of them was telling the other how many great times he has had when he simply went out alone. Me, that’s how I roll!

So on this day, I was dressed for nine hours and I could not have been more comfortable in my skin. If only……….let’s not go there.

Kathy, if you are reading this, you are a doll!! Can’t wait for the premier!

The Gallery page is now completely updated and if I must say so myself (and I will), it’s spectacular!!


12 Responses

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it. Someone I know is a movie star. Maybe you would have been a regular in the silent movie era. LOL. Kandi’s life is so full of interesting experiences. Thanks for sharing. Of course, you looked great in your outfits.

  2. Kandi, you look fantastic in both outfits. What an amazing experience to be in two major scenes of a movie, even as an extra. And you are two different characters, a chance made possible by your expansive wig collection and fabulous wardrobe. Just let me know when and where I can see it, and I will make any purchase necessary to support it (and you).

    1. Tina, I will certainly provide any information on the movie here! But I expect it will be in some type of streaming or online form, but hey, a girl has to start somewhere! Thanks dear!!

  3. You are amazing Kandi. All of your pictures look fabulous.
    What a beautiful woman.
    And I love the Gallery pictures.

    “Quiet on the set. Ms. Robbins look pouty. And …. ACTION….”


  4. So I want to know when I can get an autograph picture of my beautiful friend, now Hollywood starlet
    Ok Cleveland starlet
    Anyway how fun and as always you just look fabulous
    I know with my daily life I could never do the things you manage but it’s fun reading about your adventures, making my grocery shopping and such outings seem so boring
    Love ya

    1. I just have a way to fall backward into things. I have found that if I simply ask, I get to do things. Now there is a high degree of people that ignore me, but those that don’t are always great fun!

  5. In the photos you shared for this event, you look as good as you have ever looked. Beautiful, believable, poised, and totally confident, as you have every right to be. Well done, madam!

  6. You put so much style, flair, and energy into every presentation you make Kandi. It would be only fitting if something BIG comes out of this movie (whatever format they use) for you. Keep going and keep enjoying.


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