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Pride (In The Name of Love)

Attending a wonderful Pride event, put on by a wonderful human being!

Thank you U2 for the post title! On a steamy June 6, 2021 day, I met Sherry at the Lake County LGBTQ+ Allies Pride picnic (see the link on the “Links” page and give, give, give). We were there for almost two hours and got to see some great friends and enjoy the day before I began to melt……

I hadn’t seen Betty and her partner Daphne in a while and it was nice to see them again. I also caught up with Claire, someone I am proud to have helped go out for her first time a few years back and now she is legally Claire! I was so happy and proud of her. I also caught up with a few other friends.

I wish I could spin a grand tale here, but it was simply nice to be there and wonderful to spend some time with Sher. She was headed to a baby shower afterward, but we had some time to kill, so we stopped for a cold one and talked some more and I thoroughly enjoyed that as well. I’m not going top lie here, navigating a restaurant on a very crowded day, in a cute dress, is always a treat! To quote the great Bill Withers, a lovely day!

Now here is photographic evidence of the day.

Two beautiful women and me
Ain’t she cute?


10 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Love your pictures, nails, shoes, jewelry, dress, and most of all your lovely smile….
    So proud of what you bring to our community.


  2. Love your pictures, Kandi. It must be so nice to get out, meet people, and attend events as Kandi.

    1. It certainly is nice to get back to being out in public again doing many of the things we used to do! But I did try my best to get out even under the restrictions we were all under. Thanks dear!!

  3. Kandi, it’s so wonderful to see you and your friends supporting such a great cause and organization. You all look great, your dress is definitely cute, and I love your heart hoop earrings. Keep on smiling! 🥰

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