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Two Terrific Days

If you ladies get two days like these thank your lucky stars! I pulled this off in a bit over 24 hours!!

As you have seen on the Gallery page, on June 9, 2021 I had an unbelievable time at CLE Selfie Studios. The photos from that day are there and some additional ones will be featured in some humorous posts to come. On the day before, I was schlepping through the mall to kill some time while waiting for my next pick up at work. Then I saw this place, which had just opened the day before, ironically in the old NY&Co. store. I chatted a bit with the owner and the light bulb went on. On my way home, I conceived three outfits that could work with my red accessories. The idea was to basically divide the studios into three groupings that felt right for the outfits. The girlier ones were used for my skirt outfit, things that were sort of generic or had a travel feel for my capri outfit and the rest for my jeans outfit.

I had the place to myself literally for the hour and a half I was there! So much so that when changing in the old NY &Co. fitting rooms, I didn’t even shut the door. A few of the studios were in the front window, so on occasion I had passers-by watching me. I could not have cared less! You can see the pure happiness on my face in each and every pictures. What an absolute treat!

I left in the skirt outfit, stopped at Dillard’s lingerie department to see my friend Janet and a local grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. Simple every day things, dressed like that thrill me to no end!

The next day, June 10, 2021, I had a shift at the Cleveland Photo Fest. Beforehand I exchanged a few items for two cute summer dresses at the two clothing exchange stores I frequent. The joy of that is never taken for granted, it never gets old.

This outfit, on this day, was a joy. I’ll give you all a little behind-the-scenes on it. Unlike almost every time I get dressed, I went 100% as a woman. Now what does that mean here? No forms, the bra I wore was one of MY bras (not Kandi’s). That means it fit my A cups without enhancement (except the bra padding) and gave me a nice look and an even better, natural feel. I also went without any hip or butt padding and no shapewear. Given the way the skirt hit me and the fact that my return to running slimmed me down a bit, it was nice to have a flowing skirt over a simple pair of string bikini panties. TMI probably, but it made me feel happy and feel right. There was an ease of logistics to being out this way.

I hesitated to post this picture, but this is about being real and I would walk down the beach in this, so there you go!

The top, NY&Co. $1 from The Salvation Army and the skirt was a recent exchange pick up. Love the colorful skirt and the cuteness factor with the bow in the blouse. Total outfit cost $1. Not bad, huh?

There are days and there are days and I just had two in a row! Can I get a third? Stay tuned!


6 Responses

    1. Thanks Davina! There is a bit of an art to a photo like that, the camera angle, me sucking my stomach into my back, etc., but it came out okay. You are far too kind!

  1. Kandi,

    I check the site everyday, Loved the TWO DAYS. (in Paradise).
    The Bikini Style shot was bold and perfect. Been there. It is wonderful.
    This morning’s outfit (spur of the moment) as I type this is :: silk Yellow (tailored) blouse, unbutton the third position, matching necklace, etc. black leather, slimline Skirt, 3 inch Wedgies, blusher, pink lipstick, and matching nails. Feels so good to be a Girl.

    Marie Anne Greene

  2. You most definitely have fun with who you are.
    Love all your selfies and others here as well.
    Again partly because of you I can go about never feeling like I should hide
    My friend and I just had a girls day on Monday and all we did was shop, try on clothes and have lunch
    Just two ladies enjoying each other’s company and looking great I might add.
    Hugs Rach

  3. Dang Kandi, if you look that good on just 1 dollar, the mind boggles how good you would
    look on 5 dollars !!!! 🙂
    Hugs !!!!

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