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On January 15, 2023, I got to walk a small bridal show at a wedding open house for an event venue. There were just four of us, each walking three dresses. There really is no story here. Frankly, there wasn’t much of an audience. I got ready at home, drove across town, did my thing and came right back home.

I had walked the two wedding dress previously and the bridesmaid dress was new to me.

When you look at the pictures of all of us, I am not exaggerating when I tell you I exceed the other three combined in age, by quite a margin at that! I say that not to be self-deprecating, I say that out of tremendous pride!

Here is the photo story for this day.


Recently we heard from the dear Faye. The day the post ran, I received the following, which made me swell with pride:

Dearest Kandi,

You have made me the centre of attention this morning at my coffee morning with my girlfriends, so much that even a group of ladies on a nearby table seemed very intrigued by the chatter coming from our table. The cause of the excitable chatter was my appearance on today’s blog, and yes they, like myself, are all regular followers of your blog.

Thank you sweetheart for giving my recent activity space in your blog.

It is now 1.09pm here and this afternoon I am doing an hour or two of assistance at St Laura’s Nursing Home in the Village. We read to the ladies and the like. Sometimes it is just a little company that brightens their day, though I must say that it is not a one-way thing as I always leave with the feeling of having my own day brightened, especially when a week or so ago I overheard one lady saying to another “I wish I had a daughter like her” and another telling me “your mother must be so proud of having such a caring daughter”, well Kandi it felt that my heels did not touch the ground as I floated on air!!

Is it any wonder that I treasure every moment the lord has blessed me with.

Bless you sweetheart and all the wonderful contributors to your blog.

Faye x

Never, ever, in a million years did I imagine a table full of ladies sharing coffee and discussing MY blog, all readers. Never, ever, in a billion years did I imagine this table of lovelies would be located in the UK!

Allow me to puff my chest out a bit. One of my tentpole claims is that volunteering is the absolute best way to get out. You are giving of your time, so it would be highly unlikely that you would be nothing but accepted. And it opens you up for the tremendous appreciation that Faye talks about here. The love she received, the love and gratitude I am graced with in my many volunteer activities, it fills the soul and makes you understand that while we live in troubled times, there is amazing goodness in humanity.

If there are any other “Fayes” out there, ladies we want to hear from you!


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  1. You look so lovely in the dresses. I would love doing that I think. I would love a nice makeover so my makeup looks just right.
    But yea!! Kandi going international how cool is that

    1. Rach, certainly wearing the dresses is amazing. But what really always strikes me as awesome is that my doing this is basically normal. All I get is love from the other models, love from the parents of the other models and love from those watching. THAT is what THIS is!

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