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What I Was Able To Accomplish in 2021 – Jocelyn

This pleases me to no end....

By Jocelyn Johnson

The year 2021 was very different for me in both male mode and female mode.

All the negatives were on my male side:- no two weeks of golf in Florida in February- no four weeks of scuba diving in the Caribbean in January- no international travel (even though the States is a foreign country I don’t consider going there as international travel)- no coaching my baseball team- no coaching my basketball team.

Now for the good news as my female self.

I posted on YouTube five more videos of my feminine outings. None of the videos are long, nor special, but they do show me being out there. That makes 17 videos in all I have on YouTube; just search for Jocelyn Johnson.

I had a nice morning walk with my friend Alison in the local city park. I wore a denim dress, full makeup but no wig. COVID restrictions prevented getting a hair cut for over six months so I thought my hair was long enough. I don’t think I will go wigless again.

I went to lunch en femme for the first time at a local restaurant. It was great and everyone was friendly.

I had my first manicure and nails painted at a salon. And then I proceeded to show them off around town and had lunch at the British Tea Room. There were no issues at anytime during that wonderful day; just being happily accepted for who I am.

I became comfortable out and about doing regular things, just blending in, being the woman that I am. I do prefer wearing a skirt and sweater, or dress while out, no matter what the other ladies are wearing.

I really look forward to 2022 and experiencing new “firsts” in my life as Jocelyn.

Let’s get over the pandemic this year and celebrate who we all are.
Bless you all.


4 Responses

  1. Quite a year ! Congratulations on all your firsts. Your hair looks great. I love being able to use my own hair. I love going to my hairdresser and watch her do her wonderful job. Hope this year you continue your firsts
    Yours Terri

    1. Thanks Terri. It was quite a year for me. I never dreamt that I would do some of those things, but with the examples set by others, and some encouragement, I figured why not! And I feel wonderful for having done them.

      I look forward to more “firsts” in 2022.

      Take care.


  2. Gosh, Jocelyn, what a lot you’ve done – I’ve clearly got quite a lot of catching up to do!

    And the cherry on the cake? The British tea room obviously!

    Joking apart, I loved reading the positivity in your account, it just goes to show all of us in the closet that the only thing stopping us breaking out is ourselves. I look forward to reading about even more adventures from you in the coming months.

    1. Amanda,
      What absolutely kind things to say; thank you.

      I really enjoyed my days out, and I experienced no ill remarks or gestures from anyone. Everyone was very accepting of me, and I was extremely accepting of myself.

      The pandemic and cold weather are keeping me hidden for awhile. I probably will not be out again until April or May.

      I hope you will be visible more this year than last. Be safe and best wishes.


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