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“My Favourite Customer”

To follow up on a previous post about being out in Melbourne and meeting a lovely sales angel (Lily) at the downtown Dangerfield store, I have another story about another Dangerfield sales angel, Delyse, who I met last year. You will understand why I like shopping there.

Up until last year, my wife and I stayed with one of my sister-in-law’s who live here, so I didn’t have the opportunity to go out as Dee. However, I still would enjoy visiting various thrift stores around the city, seeing if I could find any cute clothes for Dee. I ride my bike (as a boy, of course) to a store (or stores) and poke through the women’s clothes.

There is an area north of the downtown that has a number of thrift stores, a Savers, and a Dangerfield store AND is near a major bike path, so this area became a frequent destination for my bike rides. As virtually no one knows me here, I had no reluctance to look through the women’s clothes and even take them to the fitting rooms to see if they fit, especially at the thrift stores.

I wasn’t quite as brave at the Dangerfield store; I would look through the clothes, but I was never brave enough to try them on, even though I wanted to.

Until one day last year.

I had dressed the day before and visited the Dangerfield store downtown. I had biked to the Dangerfield store north of downtown and was looking for a dress I had seen when I had been there a couple of weeks before. I asked the sales agent whether they had the dress, and told her I was shopping for myself, and showed her the pictures I had taken the day before. She told me I could try on clothes (so I did, even dressed in drab), and encouraged me to come back dressed sometime.

And a week later I did. I wore a Princess Highway dress I had found at a Salvation Army store, hopped on the train, and made my way into town.

I visited some of the thrifts I had previously been to and then went to the Dangerfield store, determined to find something to buy. Fortunately, the same sales agent (a/k/a angel), Delyse, was working again, and she was happy to see me. 

I would try on clothes, step out of the changing area, and ask Delyse and the other friendly SA for their opinion. With their advice, plus the bonus input of a GG customer, I bought a colorful print dress with llamas on it (on their website, it’s called the “la llama dress”). Since then, I’ve worn it several times, and love the look and feel. 

Fast forward to 2020. Two days after going downtown and meeting Lily, I had the unexpected opportunity to dress again and go downtown. I visited the other Dangerfield/Princess Highway stores, tried on some clothes, and met another friendly and helpful sales angel. Before jumping on the train to return home, I stopped at the downtown store to see if Lily was in and say hi. I had to wait a bit until she started work, but it was worth the wait.

Lily and the other sales angel, Amelia, liked my yellow and black dress (so do I). They then picked out a dress each for me to try on. How was I supposed to say no? So I did. Amelia even said some women wear a mesh vest under the dress, so I should try that (I did and it still didn’t work, but I love trying things on, so that didn’t matter).

Then from upstairs comes Delyse, who had transferred to this store. She is excited to see me, and tells Lily and Amelia that I’m her favourite customer. I am surprised but extremely pleased to hear it (I was somewhat surprised she remembered me, but she did). She has to go, and I have to go, but she tells me again that I’m her favourite customer. 

You better believe I’ll be going back before I leave here to return to the US.


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