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Flickring and a Few Other Things

My need to share...

I post daily on Flickr. That is where this all started. Why? Who knows.

I feel the need to share when I go out. Now way over a thousand times out I still feel the need to share each and every experience. On Flickr you can see what I am up to well before a post on the blog. I post daily and when I have nothing new, I post some favorite oldies.

I am diligent about blocking anyone following me that loves to look at penises (or worse). As such, I have 1,187 people following me, probably 10 times that many blocked. This, for me, is not at all about pornography, seeing anyone’s genitals. I have my own, I do not wish to see yours.

These are the most “favorited” photos. My numbers are dramatically driven down by eliminating these people.

I just find it interesting who likes what, how many look at something. My most favorited photo is no where near my best photo.

This is my most viewed photo, almost a quarter of a million people looking at it.

Me, in my natural (horrible) hair, prior to walking a bridal show. An enormous number of views, very little positive feedback.

This blog, Flickr and Facebook, I feel the need to share my experiences. To hopefully set an example. And yes, to feed my ego (we all have one). I have made friends on each and every platform and been able to meet some of those friends in the real world.

I have a small link to the current “Barbie” movie. The script was written by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach and Greta directed the film. I am in White Noise (on Netflix) directed by Noah and starring Greta. I stood right next to her for about three+ hours on set. I could not tell you anything more about her since I was (as were many of us) background, we were not spoken to by the real actors on set. The crew was another story, all wonderful! These photos have noting to do with the movie, having been taken in 2021 for fun.

The gentleman standing next to me was just enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

What a great guy!

Finally, yesterday was an amazing day here at Kandi’s Land. Crystal’s post was so well written and it elicited so many wonderful comments. It was must reading for anyone struggling with this side of themselves. I’d stack that against anything you can find online to learn about all of this. Thank you to those who contributed, you probably helped someone and you will never know it.


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  1. Nice post! I owe Flickr a great deal – it is full of sleazebags but there are also some incredibly nice people there – present company included! Sadly, my account was deleted in the frenzy of my 21 January ‘outing’ and I miss it a lot and all that’s left of me now are comments and testimonials with the mysterious label ‘unique sea (deleted)’!

    ‘Unique’ I can handle but ‘sea’ sounds a bit too salty for my liking!

    1. Once an account is deleted, whatever comments that are out there are just assigned a name with two random words. Why the comment aren’t just deleted, I have no idea.

      Thanks Amanda, we’ll all “see” you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Kandi:
    I can really relate to your post. I see flickr as a double edged sword. It is a great place to share all kinds of pics, the resolution is great and getting the feedback – and yes the attention – is very affirming. It’s done a lot for me as well to rekindle my interest in photography of all kinds, as my site contains not just my CD images but nature things too. But then, there’s the porn – and some see it as a dating site. I do all I can to monitor my site for such things. Any follow or fave I receive I check out thoroughly and block accordingly. It’s a chore, and I imagine someone like you with a wide spectrum of contacts must find it very difficult to keep up with! However, I have been introduced to some wonderful folks – crossdressers, photographers – so much beauty and expertise. On balance I find the upside is very much fun and satisfies the attention junkie in me. So, I’ll keep doing it!

    1. Kris, We all seek affirmation, regardless of how comfortable we are with ourselves, as therefore platforms like Flickr provide that. I have grand plans for this blog, but without the eyeballs, I cannot do mush more. I try to use Flickr and Facebook to drive traffic to the site, which it has, but I still need more clicks to make any sense of all of this. See you soon, I hope!

  3. Kandi ,
    I feel like a dinosaur I’m not a member of any of the social media sites , the question is if I’ve never used them do I actually miss them ? I realise you have far more contacts and friends you wish to keep in touch with so they are useful to you , they also serve a useful purpose for those struggling to exit the closet and need the support from others . For me the RW is more important , when I lived for so long in the closet (in the days before internet support) finally taking the decision to live my life as Teresa meant I had to build a life afresh . I needed to conquer my fears and step out my door and meet people to gain acceptance , it’s something the virtual world can’t offer . Considering the comments of the darker side of social media sites it’s bound to happen , do you really need to spend time blocking these people when it’s something you don’t have to deal with in reality ?

    I will add that you have a wonderful following on Kandi’s Land , it’s so good to be able to chat with them , a few more to chat with and share stories would be lovely .

  4. On Flickr is where I meet you my friend. You have been an inspiration to me. I was happy to have met you last year in person. I look forward to another trip to the land of the Brave of Cuyahoga….

  5. I defiantly keep a low profile on social media
    I still have family to consider so it’s just how I deal with it.
    Having your site however just keeps me going knowing there are others like me who struggle and deal with our gender variant life.
    You a treasure to our community my dear

  6. I am on flickr as well and yeah it’s a pain weeding out all the undesirables but it is a nice way to stay in touch with people that you may only get a chance to meet in person maybe once a year, if that. Virtual communications and friendships can be a very fulfilling part of one’s dressing experience. And even though I have a small presence there I hope, like you, that it inspires someone to take the next step in their dressing journey.


  7. Hi Kandi I have never really had anything to do with Flickr . I do enjoy seeing your beautiful photos and love to give you nice feedback, I love to encourage my friends and enjoy seeing them doing well.I hope one day to be able to help others too . All of you here in Kandis land are inspiring to me 🥰

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