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Lissa and Lisa


Let me make something very clear. I am truly blessed. I have friends that to me, have been handed to me by God. My evolution into the woman that I am has been life affirming. I cannot articulate the joy my life has become.

My day, this November 11, 2021, Veterans Day (God bless our veterans) was amazing. As I have said here before, I am blessed to be one of the models for a bridal photo shoot in December to be run in Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine. I am also blessed to have developed a wonderful connection with my dear friend Lissa. She is an artist, creating vintage and couture wedding dresses and she is ten times the person as she is fabulous at what she does (and she is amazing at that!). I was completely absorbed in my femininity all day. I wore this simple, comfortable and adorable outfit which felt so natural to me.

Lissa is the featured designer in this shoot. Being one of the models (pinch me), I had to get fitted for my dress. When we initially met, there was an almost immediate connection. I cannot explain it except to say it was something I had never experienced. On this day, I tried on two dresses, as well as my own, and I am blown away at how wonderful I looked and felt. We are doing a Bridgerton theme for the shoot, with cotton candy colors. The two dresses she picked for me were spectacular!

Then Lissa and I sat and talked. We talked like woman do. We shared, we laughed. It was something I didn’t used to do as a man and do all the time as a woman. It was awesome! Lissa, you are such a superior human being! Here is a bit of my fun….

Does she look happy? I cannot say it got better, but it got as unbelievable as this was.

Off to Piece Unique and the other gift from God, Lisa. My friend and I got caught up and then this girl took to shopping. Again, me sharing like woman do!

I cleaned off the 90% off rack. I am walking the fashion show at First Event in Boston in January. We have to provide our own outfits and Lisa had the PERFECT dress for the occasion!!!

Long story short, I tried on a few skirts, a few tops, a couple of dresses and it was……no words. I bought the most amazing high-low Calvin Klein gown, the center piece of my walk in Boston and Lisa (I cannot tell you what you mean to me) gifted me a bag of items.

Ladies, GET OUT THERE! We live in an amazing world if you open your heart and allow it to wash over you. I have done that and experienced love and acceptance that I, frankly, do not deserve.


15 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    You get more beautiful each time you post. The center picture on the last ones posted says it all, WOW what a beautiful
    lady. You go girl!!!

    We live thru your adventures, as we all want to do what you do everyday. You are surely blessed.


  2. Beautiful as usual, Kandi, inside and out. I adore that shorter wedding dress. It looks so different from the normal long gowns. It flows so naturally. Have fun with all your adventures and we will have fun following them with you.

  3. I love your denim skirt and blue blouse. I much prefer a “simple, adorable look”. You are a natural beauty.
    I am so happy for you.

      1. We don’t call this week anything. It is not special at all. In Canada we had Thanksgiving celebrations on October 11.
        But, happy this week to our American neighbours.

  4. Kandi, you look amazing in all the wedding dresses, my favorite is the second one with the bow. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from the photo shoot! ❤

  5. Lovely photos and such beautiful dresses
    I do love such feminine dresses, would so enjoy do that
    Thanks for sharing your life and adventures

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