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Another Saturday Lunch

Let's take another look at this one!

A Dee-classic repeat!

Our Transgender group, the St. Louis Gender Foundation, has monthly lunches on the second Saturday of the month. Often I have conflicts and can’t attend, but the pandemic has tended to eliminate the conflicts. Then of course I get conflicted about going to a restaurant and eating indoors (eating outdoors during summer in St. Louis–wearing a wig–is a non-starter), but the urge to get out dressed outweighs the worries about contacting the virus.

My first order of business was to do a special photoshoot for my GG friend Renee, who is recovering from surgery (and complications from the surgery) on her texting hand. She loves seeing me dressed, and offers her opinions, so I was happy to fulfill her request (as the photos were more personal, they won’t be shown here).

I also had a chance to try on two dresses, a green Calvin Klein and a blue Dress Barn, that I bought at Savers on my birthday, which had been about 10 days before. I bought both in guy mode, and was unable to try them on at Savers (dressing rooms are closed because of the pandemic), so I had to guess whether they would fit and look good on me. This was my first time chance to try them on with wig and makeup. I am definitely pleased with the choices.

I then changed into my dress for the day, a Princess Highway (Australian brand) cat dress I had bought in February. I wore it out back in March, just before the virus hit the fan. It was definitely suitable for a warm St. Louis summer afternoon.

Once again, we had a larger than usual turnout for the monthly lunch, nine members (I think the others felt the same urge as me). We spread out at a long table, to social distance, but it also made it more difficult to converse with those at the other end of the table. It was just nice to be out dressed again.

After lunch, I drove to the Galleria, where I tried on a few things at Macy’s, and had a brief talk with my GG friend Karla, who works at Nordstrom. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling well, so our talk was brief, as she was leaving for home (sinus infection, not the other).

Nothing too exciting, but as Kandi can attest, it’s a struggle to find opportunities to get out these days (and being “safe” has a different meaning now).


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