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Last time out for a bit so we made the most of it!

This day, October 27, 2021, would be my last Kandi day out for a while due to a preponderance of events and obligations I have to tend to. So I went a little photo crazy!

The back is getting better, now the only thing I cannot do without pain is running. But I was able to get in a great stretching and back workout and play pickleball this morning. Then I got back home and went with this cute, stylish and comfortable outfit!

This was an improv day, so off we went to run many errands. First stop to drop off some clothing to Margie’s Closet. It is amazing to me how many donations they have! It is overwhelming and actually beginning to become a storage issue for them.

Next stop an office supply store to pick up some much needed items (got a compliment on my earrings there!). Then to Walmart for a few more needed items (got a compliment on my boots there!). A stop at Best Buy and Burlington rounded out the errands.

Finally I got to my favorite spot and my favorite bar with my favorite bartender, Shanna!

Finally, a terrific improv class, where we did many of the things Kathleen and I learned the previous Saturday at the Improv Jam. We wrapped up the class with my class photos! While everyone was getting into position, I placed a chair in the front and said the queen must sit front and center! What a wonderful group of people!

Complete and utter love and acceptance! If you ever doubted my stories, here is some evidence that I do indeed simply blend into society. I am very, very lucky!


The following week I had one last improv class, but I had to work and the logistics dictated I either not go (not a preferred option) or I go as myself. So I went and stopped to see my friend Shanna. It was a nonissue except she asked how she should refer to me (by my given name).

Class was so much fun. I told everyone my “sister” couldn’t make it and again, my presented gender was a nonissue. I have done this in numerous places, allowing them to see “both of me” and it has yet to be an issue. In fact, I believe in many cases, it makes me more real to others. I am glad it went this way with my decision.


Also, this week I was named the cover girl for The Pretty T-Girls Magazine. It was indeed an honor!

I’ve been on a few week Kandi shutdown. Life getting in the way. The blog will roll forward, you will probably not notice my absence. I’ll be back when I get back!


4 Responses

  1. Love the outfit with the boots
    I love fall boots just don’t get to wear them as much as I would like
    I hope this down time won’t last too long and Kandi emerges back to her lovely fashionable self soon
    Hugs Rachael

  2. Great combination of boots, leggings and sweater. Perfect for fall. Love the class. I taught a Grade 9 drama class once (me the music teacher–LOL) and enjoyed the improv part.

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