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Same Dress, Two Days

I had to wear this one twice!

Yes, I am aware. I never do this. I am a one and done girl and on back-to-back days, I wore the same dress. I did this for two reasons. I wanted to look cute for my doctor and since the doctor’s appointment was the only activity for the day, let’s run her back!

March 16, 2023 I had a doctor appointment. To remind you, I have a female doctor and she has breast cancer. She is now in remission, thankfully.

We have a great relationship in that I am a completely open book with her and she can be very honest with me. On almost every metric, I am in perfect health. Except one, which we may or may not discuss here in the future. I have no real reason to be concerned, but it means yet another referral, yet another doctor.

May I tell you how awesome it is how I am treated? From the fabulous receptionist to the doctor’s assistants, I am treated like a queen. And to be seated in the waiting room, see the door open and hear “Kandi” to call me in…..really, really special.

While I am being examined, the chit chat is so great. She always compliments me on my outfit, we talk about running, my various aches and pains, just a fluid and very natural conversation. I believe I have found a way to make me be just another woman and that is priceless!

Back at it March 17, 2023, a day centered around a whole bunch of errands.

Right back into that same dress, this time without the denim jacket but with leggings, on a very rainy St. Patrick’s Day.

My first order of business was to liquidate a basket full of clothing. First stop was at one of my favorite places, Avalon Exchange. I dropped everything off and ran another errand, picking up my credentials for upcoming Cleveland International Film Festival.

I return to Avalon to pick up over $50 in store credit. The day is getting off to a great start!

Then over to the other Avalon (there are two) to pick up an additional $25 in store credit, further reducing the basket of clothing. At both places, they know me and they always make me feel welcome. With only a few items remaining, I went to my favorite consignment store and dropped the rest off for future sale. There I also have a great friend and fellow runner. And whether I am me or I am she, he could care less. He always goes out of his way to tell me I look very nice.

Next stop, right next door for my first ever purchase of gummies (you know what I am talking about). I really had no ability to ask any intelligent questions, but I explained my desired goal (an alternative to drinking as well as for mild pain relief). Purchase made! Again, as was the theme of the day, I was treated better than the average customer.

I then ran back across town to pick up a prescription at the drive up window. The woman taking care of me, in a light rain, me in my car remember, was so sweet. Once she handed back my credit card, she asked if she could ask a question. Of course, I always welcome that. She wanted to know who did my makeup. I informed her that it was me and it was done principally blindly. She went on to make me blush with her kind words.

A brief stop at the library and then to the post office. I walked in and there was no line. The gentleman behind the counter asked if he could help me “young lady”. Damned if he wasn’t just one of so many amazing people I met this day. I then had 45 minutes to kill before a nail appointment, so of course, cocktail time! There, the bartender was so nice to me. I enjoyed one and then hit my salon, where I got gels. I have done this before and kept them for about a month. With Keystone only a few days away, I needed to get into girl shape! A gel manicure….blissful.

This dress is very much like the little beauty I pranced around in on these two days. When I am out and dressed, I do not make a conscious effort to be feminine. But I will notice it simply happening on its own. With the on-going reduction of body hair of any kind, I feel more and more right. You can think what you want about “right”. I still enjoy my male side, being a husband principal among those feelings, but to feel feminine, to actually be feminine is amazing to me still. Even on this day, the alarm went off at 4:30 to play pickleball and I did so competitively, strong and quick. But once the switch was flipped, that dress felt like she was made just for me!

Big day tomorrow! Check it out!!


7 Responses

  1. Kandi, that is such a cute dress and works great with both the denim jacket and the leggings. I am amazed by your “girls”! I hope the gummies help you with your pains. Looking forward (but also with a touch of jealousy) to the Keystone posts. ❤️

    1. Thanks T! I know it’s not as easy as this will sound, but if you ever could make Keystone, for even a day, it would blow your mind. So many people you know both in real life or virtually there. I have tons of adventures coming to the new Kandi’s Land soon!

  2. I agree with Tina, what a cute dress.
    You really are a natural at being you so yes I’m not surprised your feminine actions become normal and without thinking
    I think mine does as well once in a while
    The new improved site looks great too by the way
    God bless, Rachael

    1. Thanks Rach! I am very proud of myself for all of this. Trust me when I say, both being the woman I am becoming and this blog were unimaginable 10 years ago. Neither could even be a thought back then.

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories Kandi . It’s really nice to hear about all the kind people you met. And of course I love that dress too. I have a saying that I always like use . “ it’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice! “ and yes you can borrow it anytime.

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