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Life Just Keeps Getting Awesomer and Awesomer…..

2022 gets off to an amazing start!

Pinch me! I cannot understand what I did to deserve the amazing friendships I have made and the unbelievable (no, actually not to be believed only a few years ago) experiences I have had.

I started the year off with a bang! January 3, 2022, my wonderful, terrific, amazing and real friend, Barb did a photo shoot with yours truly! Barb is the angel who included me in the upcoming bridal photo shoot. Barb runs the spectacular bridal shows I have been blessed to help with. Barb is a former model and actress, her daughter a real working actress and she is a very real resource for this fledgling model and actress. And she is an amazing friend! She is also a photographer way out of my price range. But she wanted to do some experimental shoots, offering her services at a significantly reduced discount and this girl jumped all over it!

The photos you see here started my day as I did my second video for the Kandi’s Land YouTube channel! It is my audition video for a specific movie opportunity, check it out and subscribe to our channel. More great content in the works!

On my way to Barb’s I ran a few errands, every single one an ego boost! Dropped off some shredding, the woman could not have been kinder. Dropped of a couple sets of heels, damaged in the streets of DC, walking on brick sidewalks. The gentleman, also amazingly kind. Finally, I stopped to sell a few items of gold jewelry for my wife. I had zero expectations. The lady there gushed over me to the point I was tearing up. We made a few bucks more that we expected and I had another affirming experience!

The shoot with Barb was just amazing! She did what is called gel photography and it is supposed to create a moody feeling for what are to be some very sexy photographs. I’ll just leave it at that for now as you can see the finished product, there was a slip involved, a robe, a red satin blouse, my new leopard print bra and the rest, you can figure out!

The results of this shoot are here!

2022 is off to a rip-roaring start! Oh yeah, I also am registered to walk during New York Fashion Week!!


If you recalled I recently shared that I would be published in Glitz magazine. Here is proof!

I was also published in an online magazine, CT Fashion!


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  1. Kandi,



  2. I know I have said it before, but I must say it again. I continue to be amazed at how you can strike such natural and sexy poses! In my opinion, I feel this is one area where many girls (myself included) fall short. It’s one thing to put on makeup, wigs, etc. and achieve a “Look”. It’s a completely different story to PROJECT the image of femininity. Frankly, few CIS women have that ability. Don’t know what it is. Call it being “photogenic”, “movie star quality” or whatever but you have it girl. If you could package it for the rest of us you could retire to the South of France (or a location of your choosing)! Keep it coming. Many hugs, Paulette

  3. You look so natural in all your photos and as has been said inspire many of us.
    I know I could never keep up with all you do but sure enjoy reading and watching your progress

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