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Getting Out

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So two days after the spectacular photo shoot with Barb, January 5, 2022, I returned to review the results and select the photos I would purchase. She probably took about a hundred photos. If I were made of money, I may well have purchased every single photo, they were that good, no…that great! You have seen here what I purchased and those photos will make any modeling career I can hope to create. If it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be. But these photos will give me my best chance!

I was openly weeping while we looked at all of them. Barb is uber-talented and she is an even better friend and mentor! I learned so much about being a model from her in these two sessions. It was a masterclass for me.

I ran a few errands before returning home. As always, it was blissful being out, being me, being a woman, being accepted by society, being a friend, just being…….


This past Friday, we had over a thousand hits! Wow…..


Sunday, January 9, 2022, was an improv day. I took another two hour workshop with the same wonderful woman from LA that did a workshop I attended a few weeks back. That was the last time I did improv and it showed. My brain was not operating properly and I frankly sucked. That said, I learned a lot and had a very nice time.

But sucking for that didn’t help me much for the next thing on my agenda. I auditioned for an improv troupe, to perform shows over the next few months. Again, I sucked. I simply could not think like an improv player. I hesitated too often. An improv player needs to move the scene forward, provide the who, what, where, why to a scene. I simply kept asking questions. Questions do nothing to forward the narrative and leaves your partner with nothing to work with.

Now I knew going in I had no shot. The immensely talented people that were there all had much, much more experience than I do and they were all awesome. But hey, I tried. I was given a chance. I will try again. I am not being negative, I just sucked. It happens to all of us on one day or another. But it was another day to get out, be me, be around wonderful people, laugh, have a beer or two (while waiting to confirm my sucking), experience something new in life.

Try things, you never know….


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  1. There is something about getting out of one’s “comfort zone” and trying new things that is both invigorating and challenging. Unfortunately, most people are either reluctant or too timid to try it and are trapped in a little box of their own choosing. That’s why I say “GO FOR IT GIRL”! GO, GO, GO!

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