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Bullets, Brothers and Blood (Filming)

Movie No. 8!

Movie no. 8!

My second Troubadour Films production. And so far, my third film in which I play multiple silent roles. March 18, 2023, a doubleheader. Funeral scene in the morning, karate scene in the evening. Oddly, this is the second film I am shooting a scene in a karate studio (White Noise, the other).

We were, of course, to dress for a funeral, in black. We did the shoot at Cleveland’s historic Old Stone Church, where I have actually attended a few services. I was one of the attendees. So I will be in the pews somewhere on the shots and we were all filmed giving our condolences to the son of the deceased. I sharpened my acting chops to tell him how much I loved his mother.

Here are a few pictures of me, in character.

One of the other extras was a friend from my recent improv class and her boyfriend. I was seated in a pew with two of the funniest people I have come across on set. They created a wild backstory to who they were in the film, simply for amusement. She is Serbian, so she took the opportunity to wear a scarf over her head. He (ironically gay, he mentioned it, I would never ask) was pretending to be Russian. None of it had anything to do with the scene, but they were fabulous! They greeted the bereaved just before me and she wrapped him a big hug and he sidled up in a big three-way hug. And I had to play sadness behind all of this….

So, I must say, I loved my outfit! To prove the point, I stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things on my way home. I was dressed for a funeral, so I didn’t look out of place. I did keep my sunglasses on and had trouble reading the aisle signs because, well I can’t freakin’ see with contacts and sunglasses! As I was walking through the store a young lady walking in the opposite direction said “excuse me, but you look so good”. I still get chills, really? What a gift, which a wonderful young lady. I thanked her and her smile will light my way for quite some time. Wow.

I got home about noon and had to be back on set for the next scene at 4:30. I spent a great deal of time working on the new blog site and then got set for my next role, karate student. Here is a little peak behind the scenes, just freshening my makeup and getting into costume. The white t-shirt is how I will appear on screen.

I just love this fleece top! If you want something reasonably priced and very cute, check it out here!

I was in and out of the karate studio in less than an hour. I was one of a motley crew of students, in every shape, size, age, color and gender. We basically had to throw punches a certain way, time after time after time…. So here we are just before shooting.

As much as I know I am never going to do much with this acting stuff, I do enjoy it very much. Another great adventure!


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  1. Wow, a flashback to 300 English back in college. My first thought was, “Mourning Becomes Kandi!” My apologies to you and to Eugene O’Neil!

    1. Hey, I am a professional actress after all! If I took all the money I have been paid to act, I could at least buy a good meal. Thanks Kim!!

  2. Hi Kandi,

    I enjoy reading about your adventures and appreciate the joy you get from doing them along with the new friends you are making. What I really appreciate though is the positive image you are portraying to the public about all of us. The classy not trashy presentation is a wonderful alternative to what the general public is seeing in the media right now. The positive impression you are leaving with mainstream people one at a time or in a group makes our all lives a little better.

    Keep up your good look.


    1. Thanks so much Micki! I am literally doing that as I type this, sitting in a cute blouse and skirt, enjoying a glass of wine and having the waitresses fawn over me.

      You are right. We all need to be cognizant of the image we portray. I know you keep up you end of the bargain when it comes to presentation!

      Hope to meet you one of these days!!

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