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A Full Weekend

Thank you Jocelyn!

March 4, 2023 Jocelyn swung back through town and paid me another visit!

She and I met at about 5:30 at a local (chain) Italian restaurant. I got back into my car to head home at about 10:00. We talked the entire time!

I splurged on the leather leggings some time back. Money well spent!

I am not someone who can sit still at a dinner table for very long. The fact that I was able to sit there, fully engaged the entire time, was wonderful! Jocelyn is such a sweet person and I am now proud to call her a great friend! I am sure neither Jocelyn nor I will forget her visits to see me. I am truly blessed by her friendship.

Our friend, Sherry……well not exactly “Sherry”, joined us for the last hour of our visit. She and Jocelyn have some commonalities, so it was wonderful to see them meet in person.

A splendid evening!

The following day, March 5, 2023, I volunteered to work the local Short Sweet Film Festival. I am not going to lie, I was whipped from the evening before and spending a great deal of time wrestling with my mom’s and our taxes during the day. I am not bothered by paying taxes, but I despise doing the taxes.

So I decided to go very casual for the festival and absolutely loved my look! So much so that I took quite a few pictures (yeah, what else is new?). After thousands of practice sessions and the reduction of facial hair which is ongoing, I am very pleased with my makeup. Look, I am no Cheryl Tiegs but I ain’t too bad looking for an old broad with the many flaws I now know how to hide.

At the festival I saw a few acting friends, some improv acquaintances and a couple of directors. I got caught up with my director and the writer of “Calendar“, my next film coming out. I will soon be in my eighth movie, a funeral scene, in the upcoming Troubadour Films production (they did Calendar). I was told that one of their very favorite scenes in Calendar is my reaction to the proposal that happens in front of me in the opening of the film. You can see me in the trailer. I do believe I will be a part of their entourage of actors as long as I wish.

My volunteering responsibilities consisted of me watching films. Tough work, but some one had to do it!

What a weekend!

Circumstances may never allow us to meet again in person, Jocelyn. I had high expectations in anticipating our meeting. The time spent with you blew away those expectations, it was a magnificent two meals spent with a lifelong friend. Thank you dear!!

The red carpet is always out here in Kandi’s Land! You have read here about so many making the trek and the great fun we have had. All (well, almost all) are welcome!!


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  1. Kandi,
    I am so blessed to be your great friend. You have given me way more than you could ever imagine. Our time together will never be forgotten.

    Will we meet again? Not in the near future, but I will do my utmost to make it happen sometime.

    I think all of your readers appreciate how great you look in the pictures you post. But I must tell everyone that you are even more beautiful and elegant in person. What a woman!

    You have made me a better woman. Thank you.


  2. I also have to thank Sherry for coming for a drink near the end of the evening. It was wonderful to meet Sherry and to share common experiences. She is a very sweet person.

    Thanks Sherry. Hopefully next time we will have more time to talk.


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