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17 Tips for Your Transgender Growth

Food for thought..

My dear friend, as a member of the transgender community, you may face unique challenges on your journey through life. But know that many before you have shared their wisdom and experiences, which can serve as a guide to help you navigate the world around you.

I’ve only been presenting female a few years but I have decades of experience, coaching and mentoring people around the world.  Apply what I’m about to share where applicable.

1. Knowledge is valuable, but action is paramount. Taking small steps towards living authentically and true to yourself is more important than simply having knowledge about gender identity.

2. Focus on what you can control, including your gender expression, pronouns, and name. Leave behind the worry and anxiety of what others may think or say about you, and instead, channel your energy towards being your most authentic self.

3. Remember, you cannot change others, but you can always improve yourself. Instead of trying to control how others perceive you, focus on your own growth and self-acceptance.

4. Time flies, my friend. Embrace the present moment and live as your authentic self without fear of judgment.

5. Perfection is an illusion, so don’t waste your time trying to conform to societal expectations. Embrace your unique journey and take pride in every step forward towards self-discovery.

6. Failure is not the opposite of success, but rather, a necessary step on the journey to self-acceptance. Don’t be afraid to stumble along the way, for it is through our mistakes that we learn and grow.

7. Don’t worry too much about what others think of you. Surround yourself with supportive and loving people who accept you for who you are.

8. Take responsibility for your life, for good or for bad. When you own your identity and accept yourself, you have the power to make changes and improve your situation.

9. Delayed gratification is key to long-term happiness. Embrace the journey of transitioning and remember that every step forward brings you closer to your authentic self.

10. Sometimes, it’s better to prioritize your own happiness over the opinions of others. Choose your battles wisely, and remember that living as your authentic self is more important than pleasing others.

11. Face your fears head-on, for they are often less scary than they seem. When you confront your fears and embrace your identity, you take back control of your life.

12. Don’t waste your energy on worrying about things that may never happen. Focus on the present moment and live your life to the fullest.

13. Time is your most precious commodity, so use it wisely. Spend it on things that matter to you and bring you joy, whether that be advocating for transgender rights, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing your passions.

14. Be kind to yourself and to others in the transgender community. Recognize that everyone’s journey is different, and approach every interaction with empathy and compassion.  Everyone’s journey is different so don’t rush to judgement on the viewpoint of another transgender person because you don’t know their back story.  None of us have lived in the shoes of anyone else and have arrived at this point in our lives through their own unique path.

15. Your health is your greatest asset, so take care of it. Prioritize your mental health and seek support from mental health professionals when needed.  Find your truth and know that wherever you fall on the gender spectrum, it’s OK.  Don’t be pressured into your decision to fully transition or not. Take your time and decide what’s the best decision for you.

16. When making decisions, be mindful of your emotions and the potential impact on your mental health. Strong emotions can cloud our judgment, so take a step back and wait until you’re in a more rational state of mind.

17. Remember, quitting is not failing. Only when you stop trying have you truly failed. So keep pushing forward, my friend, and never give up on your journey towards self-acceptance and self-love as a member of the transgender community.

Be Strong 💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone

Author of TRANS TRUTH: Your Journey to Completeness

*On Amazon late March


One Response

  1. Hi Gwen,
    Thank you for this post, it’s thought provoking, concise, to the point and very well written. I hope everyone reads it as it will undoubtedly be a huge help to all of our Sisters regardless of where they’re at in the gender spectrum.

    Trish White

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