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Do You Have The “Designer Eye”

Let's roll back this Gwen classic!

I have a Culinary Degree as well as a Cosmetology Colorist license.  I’m a multiple best-selling author and a peak-performance mentor.

For me, fashion and putting ones self together is a multi-faceted equation.

It’s like baking.  Too much heat or too little salt, sugar, yeast or any number of ingredients… not good.   Even a prep or cooking technique done incorrectly can throw off the entire recipe.  Try making a souffle sometime and you’ll know how to be a humble chef.

Such is the case with fashion.  To make your style all “come together”, you have to consider many factors.

It’s even more difficult if you’ve had male physical attributes your whole life.

Do you have broad shoulders?
Do you have beefcake muscles?
Have you put on some weight? Where is it on your body?
Do you have male facial features or a beard shadow?
Hair or no hair?

What femme accents do you see as your true self?
Small, Medium or bigger breasts?
Do you want hips?
How about a booty?
Do you like wigs?
Do you know how to use makeup?
Are you taking HRT?

What season is it?
What colors do you like but go with the season?
Do you like dresses or slacks?
Tight clothing or loose?

How about shoes?
What size femme footety do you have? 
This will drastically limit what choices you have.  I know. mine are size 16.
Boots?  How high?
What height for heels?

Do you like sexy lingerie under the clothes (one of the secret decedent pleasures).
What size to get your shape?
Do you want body shapers for your hips, butt, breasts, stomach?

Whew. See what I mean?

The choices are virtually endless.  You need to experiment and find your GROOVE.

But understand that it all ties together.  If you lack a fashion eye, be an observer.  If you see a woman that dresses with style or you like how she did her makeup…. make a mental note!

Maybe even ask her.  Oooooohhhh chills.

I’ve often done it.  “If you don’t mind me saying, I really love the way you did your eyes today.  They’re so beautiful.”  She will appreciate it and you’ll probably make her day.  She may even share what she did or where she shops if it was regarding clothing.


You have to practice.  But it’s not enough to simply practice.  If learning to play golf and you practice the same WRONG SWING, you’ve just practiced 100 or 1000 times how to do it WRONG.

Enter Ms. Awareness.  You must be aware and correct where needed as you progress.

Maybe get a fashion expert to help you.  I know a great one.  If interested, post below and I will share the site.

Anyway, I’m rambling as I often do.

Do you now understand my method of teaching?  I’m not your usual coach or mentor.  I use stories and real life comparisons people where people can more easily relate.

Now go bake a cake, Sweetie!

Be Strong. 💪

Dr. Gwen Patrone


9 Responses

  1. Love your style Gwen, and your so right it’s a world for girls like us that most know very little about.
    I’m pretty much self taught in my fashion and doing makeup but can always be better.
    I’m just a part time fluid girl but I really wish I was better at makeup.
    Thanks for joining us here

    1. Hi Rachael,
      Thanks for sharing.

      I’m not full time but am most of the time. I started out as most do, part time, indoors, away from criticizing eyes.

      I just practiced and expanded my comfort zone to where now I’m comfortable anywhere, anytime.


  2. Gwen,
    Perhaps you might have read my post , ” A good talking to !” Being out fulltime still has it’s moments of doubt but then we’re not perfect in an imperfect world .
    There is a great deal of enjoyment if we are allowed to freely dress as a woman , your list of questions and reasoning reinforces those feelings and yes there is a BUT coming , sorry ! To go out 24/7 has th relate more to comfort as a priority . Many years ago I underdressed in lovely underwear to photograph a wedding , it was a beautiful sunny and hot day , the underwear became more and more uncomfortable , it may have been pretty , even sexy but not very practical . Over the years many of us fall into the trap of buying glamourous or even sexy underwear for our wives or partners , how long did they wear it before it was lost under the more practical everyday items in their underwear drawer ? OK there may have been a second user not far away !!
    Passing comment and complimenting another woman has to be done with care , women don’t miss much but they very rarely pass comment to their faces . Ok I admit in the past I’ve overheard my ex-wife passing comment on the phone , ” did you see what she was wearing , it didn’t suit her it made her look tarty ( or whatever ) !” Usually they pick up on shoes and then certain items of clothing but very rarely makeup , what I have noticed is after they’ve seen me very often they have applied more makeup themselves .
    One thing I learned through photographing people is there is no such thing as bad taste in clothing . I had some work rejected because the subjects realised how bad their favourite jacket ( or whatever ) looked , the camera never lies , Um ! That’s why you pay a professional photographer , they have ways and means to bend the truth a little .

    I love cooking but very often I’m usually throwing something together for myself that’s why I love people to visit , cokoing for other people and presenting it nicely is so rewarding . Ironically cooks are similar to photographers , they both learn how to cover up their mistakes .

    1. Teresa, Just so you know, Gwen wrote this is a few years ago and I reran it as she is otherwise occupied, so she could not have seen your post from the other day.

      Thank you for your input, we all appreciate it!

  3. Determining your size(s) in different styles, what fits, and then what looks good on you can be an expensive process. But fun too. I was lucky since I knew my general size from being married before. Only now am I learning some of the nuances like getting a L instead of a M or a 12 instead of a 10 if I want it to be an outer layer. Shopping for women’s clothes is infinitely harder than shopping for men’s clothes, the choices, and more choices, and infinitely more fun.
    Equally important is finding what doesn’t work for you and learn to avoid them no matter how cute they are. For me it’s pumps, sure they are cute, but it took a while for me to figure out that they just don’t fit my foot shape.
    Make-up tutorials on YouTube have been a godsend. I’ve learned so much and have perfected some great skills with my eyes. One of my GG remarked that I can apply mascara better than she can. However, I would still like a professional transformation.

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