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Patience Often Pays Off

A double post, me just continuing to be me.

June 8, 2023, I had a pre-op appointment. So as stated here frequently, doctor’s appointments mean I get dressed!

I have been working multiple revenue sources (I don’t earn a “paycheck”, I have to generate revenue). On this day, more than one revenue channel blew up for me (in a great way). More on this as these opportunities move forward. Suffice as to say, my trucking career is very close to its end (Hallelujah!).

As great things were happening, I got ready while responding to calls, texts and emails. I also believe I have secured quite an opportunity to make a living as Kandi and that pleases me to no end! I secured one of the relationships through Plexus. While a handful of the people I will now be working with know of Kandi, I cannot be her completely, it is simply too difficult logistically while also building a business.

But I had one introductory phone call with someone local and we connected immediately and are meeting next week. I NEVER would have been this comfortable a few years back, but I said I would meet him after a Plexus meeting and if he had any problem if I was dressed. None whatsoever and it simply felt no different than telling him I would be in a suit and tie (which is seen less these days that how I will be attired). This is all in the embryonic stages, but it feels real and is exciting for me.

Then I left home and ran a whole bunch of errands, five in total. In and out of one place after another, smiles and compliments all along.

The appointment itself involved my need to urinate before my appointment (which required a urine sample), three different people interacting with me, a blood draw by someone apparently not real good at it and me answering a whole bunch of questions. Can’t wait for that biopsy….

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Bonus Post: Fashion and Me

I was asked in the past about my fashion choices. You have to remember how I approach fashion.  I described it to someone that it is like music. Most fashionistas can read music. They can speak the language, can discuss this or that about fashion. Me, I play by ear. I am not very conversant, but know what works intuitively.

Many of us, many women, shop for specific items drawn from displays in various stores or fashion magazines.  Being that they are shopping for new items, they have a much wider selection of colors, sizes, etc,  I do none of that.  Most of the new items I have purchased are simply the result of my killing some time in a store and simply finding something too perfect to pass up (which includes it probably being on clearance).

My desire for a deep wardrobe and a desire to control the money spent being Kandi has steered me toward thrift shopping, something I am quite good at.  So I know what I like, I know what fits best, I know how I wish to present myself.  I walk through a thrift store, keeping in mind specials and coupons and basically acquire pieces to be placed into my inventory.  Once in that inventory, it then becomes part of the resources I have to assemble an outfit.

When assembling an outfit, I first determine what I want to accomplish.  Is the outfit to be casual?  Dressy?  To be worn to an event?  To the theater?  Which theater?  Am I building the outfit around a specific item (a dress, a skirt, a necklace…)?  I know my strengths and weaknesses (the principal weakness, I am a man and have male features).  I am thin and do have great legs.  How do I showcase that?  Probably one afternoon every few weeks, I spend a few hours putting outfits together.  I always have a backlog of pre-assembled outfits ready for anything.

I guess I would recommend you get to know yourself and accept what you have to work with and shop to those strengths. The only thing I have to offer in terms of advice regarding fashion is my pictures, there is my advice as to how to dress, how to present one’s self. Just be honest with yourself and who you are in terms of size, age, body type and dress accordingly.

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9 Responses

  1. Good morning Kandi,
    Thanks for the post, I like feel good posts and for the most part it is. It sounds like you’ve turned the corner health wise “YAY” . And picked up some promising leads for increased revenue which is really good news. I’m so happy for you and excited to hear more. You have to admire business owners and what we go through keeping a business viable. Kandi’s Land very quickly became a big part of my life once I found out about you. You are a very special lady Kandi. Don’t ever forget that.
    Have a great day and enjoy the weekend.

    Trish ❤️

    1. The health issues are still pending and nothing will really be known until July, but I truly am not concerned. I am more annoyed by our health care system (yeah, I know, I’m not the only one) than I am dealing with whatever I have to deal with. I actually feel great, so we’ll see.

      This is truly meaningful because what you said is exactly what I want this place to be, uplifting, supportive, a community. That is why I frown on politics and whining. Here, let’s just be sisters and friends! This is our safe space, our oasis, our respite from the storm of life.

      Love you dear!!

  2. Hi Kandi , sounds like you have done really good things in the pipeline. I’m so happy for you. I love reading your posts and particularly your advice about clothes. Definitely agree with you. I’m lucky to have quite long hair , being a part time musician let’s me get away with that . I am not tall and I have pretty small hands so all these things help. It’s funny when the wife and I are looking at clothes, particularly skirts, I will pick one up and look at and say to my wife I like it but I think it’s a bit short!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I’d be doing that . As I have said before,I love being part of this community with all you amazing girls and of course or spiritual leader Kandi . Much love to you all 😘

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