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Travelogue : New York, Day Two AM

Time for pictures!

A good way to start your day!

Lena and I decided to do what models do, we take pictures! On an unseasonably warm day, February 11, 2022, off we went to nearby Bryant Park!

We took a whole bunch of different photos of each other, all over the park. Afterward we grabbed a bite while we waited for her friend (and now mine) Danae to arrive and join us for……more pictures!

The entire time in New York we were blessed with warm temperatures and since they had just lifted the mask mandate, I only wore one for three minutes to order Chipotle. Other than that, I could breathe.

Here is the best of that photo shoot!

More to come!


14 Responses

    1. I know better, there will be no visit to the Dawg Pound. They took enough money from me over the years. I’ll wear it while sitting on my couch!!

  1. Kandi,
    You have a talent for putting together outfits. For example, the orange and purple complement each other really well in your pictures above.
    Best Wishes,
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  2. Such a cute outfit, I love my boots but honestly I’m ready for sandal season this cold weather is tough on this girl

  3. Great pics, Kandi. Love the outfit. Probably too cold but when it’s warmer they have lunchtime Broadway concerts there.

    1. There was all kinds of things going on at the time! I was in NY three days and only had to wear a mask once, at Chipotle, of all places! It felt great to be sort of normal, out and about.

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