Travelogue – New York, Day One

Day one in The Big Apple!

New York Fashion Week. Me? NFW you might say, but actually, I pulled it off!

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, it was time to drive to The Big Apple. Three days, all Kandi. I agreed to pick up my friend Lena at the airport. She had never been to New York, so I wanted her to feel comfortable while she was there. I dressed and left home, headed for LaGuardia to pick her up.

She got in just fine and I was able to swing by (okay, no one swings by in NYC) and we got to our hotel. It was great to see her again. We initially met a few months back in Mississippi. We are both Magnifique Models (Victoria Henley). I wore this cute sweater and vest outfit that I talked about in a recent video.

I enjoyed my drive, for the most part, dressed. Nothing eventful to report.

Lena and I got caught up and went out to dinner. We went to a very nearby Japanese restaurant and I was happy to wear a favorite dress!

Afterward, being the girls we are and models, we took a lot of pictures! I took 400+ over the weekend and haven’t pulled all of them in yet!

Here we are in the flagship Macy’s!

Lena, of course, made me look like Godzilla in the photo……

When we returned to the hotel, we sat at the bar and had a wonderful chat with a lovely woman, Shannon. She was cute, quirky and a lot of fun!

Way more to come!


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    1. You’re going to get a good two weeks of this! I had to sort through over 400 pictures and I still have nothing yet from the actual events, only back stage stuff. Thanks dear!!

  1. That dress is one of my favorites too, especially if I looked as fabulous wearing it as you do, Kandi! The street photo is amazing, as are the ones at Macy’s. I would not be as worried about the height difference between you and Lena, remember that many models are taller than average. And it’s important to show the versatility of fashion to fit everyone.

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