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Lasagna Soup and More

Just a couple of days of my life and a look into the mailbag!

On March 11, 2023, I had an orientation meeting for The Cleveland International Film Festival. I got up early, did my makeup and made some soup before I left. So, for your viewing enjoyment, this is me, making soup (every post can’t be a Pulitzer prize winner, you know….).

The meeting was, well, a meeting. But I did see some friends again.

The soup, outstanding! I see recipes and I imagine that they would be good and I am usually disappointed for one reason or another. This meal was fabulous!

Commercial time: I just took delivery of this great watch. Look forward to pair it up with just the right outfit!

On March 21, 2023 a kick off meeting for The Cleveland International Film Festival!

As is my modus operandi, Happy Hour first. There was nothing going on at Playhouse Square where the film festival is held, so most of the places were empty. Last year I grew to like Republic, so in l stroll. Zero customers. I chat a bit, order a drink and before you know it I am snapping pictures with staff and getting hugs. Pretty cool!

The meeting, as we said above, was a meeting. But then before we all split, it was group photo time! Here is the seasonal staff for the CIFF Annual Campaign! Goal $125,000.

How awesome is this! I received in on the same day as the CIFF post above, just before I headed to Keystone.

Good morning. 

I just wanted to say I truly enjoy your blog.  I have always been very hidden and reserved in my dressing.  So after reading your blog for a long time. I came out of the closet and told my fiancée. She is my biggest supporter and has taught me a lot.   Then I went shopping and built up my wardrobe and then I joined Crossdresser Heaven.  I always wanted more and to emulate the way you live. So I got into Keystone last night.  This will be my very first one. Super excited to do this all.  Wish I would have done it years ago. 

Thanks for a wonderful blog and being an inspiration and beacon of hope to me and girls like us.  

Safe travels here. 

Name Withheld

See, we do make a difference! And I do mean “we” because without all of you, readers, Contributors, friends, those that have shared my road, none of this ever happens. I am truly one lucky gal!! By the way, there are certain aspects about “the way I live” that you may want to skip, but those are what got me here.

I did meet this person almost first thing when I got to Keystone, but we’ll get to that later.


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