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“You’re Adorable”

Our first ever video!

“Yes….I am!”

I drove our daughter home the day before, so on December 30, 2021, it was time to get out!

I had to work duties to take care of in the morning. On my way home, I stopped at a thrift store, 50% off all apparel! I scored a bag of stuff, but more on that in a bit.

I hadn’t been out in since the DC trip and I was dying to just be me, so I decided to head to a favorite spot. Usually my outfits are planned well in advance, but this window was unexpected, so I completely put this one together on the fly.

The plan was simple, poke around the mall a bit and then Happy Hour at Vacarro’s, where I have always had a great time.

Shopping was very fun, but more on that in a bit.

Due to what else….COVID…Vaccaro’s was short staffed. Happy hour was canceled, but the place was still open. I saw some friends, but more on that shortly.

Okay, today we are trying something new! Welcome to the Kandi’s Land YouTube channel!! My first ever video (flaws and all) is posted there, where you can hear me tell you about this outing! I thought you might enjoy hearing me tell you about an adventure instead of my droning on here.

Click here to see that (, but make sure you finish reading below.

On this evening, I met a lovely woman, Heather. We talked a bit across the bar and amongst a few other patrons. It wasn’t like previous conversations I had there, where I have made a few friendships, so I didn’t think much of it. As I left, I stopped to wish her a Happy New Year when she told me I was adorable (and my response is above!). Well, long story short, we exchanged phone numbers and hugs. When I got home, we texted back and forth for quite a while. She told me how beautiful I am (okay, I know I am not) a few times. She suggested we do another Happy Hour (which we have already scheduled). She asked for my help shopping (hmmmmmm…okay!!!!!). Throughout our texts, she treated my just like a girlfriend and I was so happy! I am looking forward to seeing her again and getting to know her better.

Please let me know what you think of the video. If you like these, I’ll do more of them.

Check out the updated Marilyn and Bridal pages!


10 Responses

  1. Loved the video my friend, looking so beautiful as always and that’s inside and out.
    Thanks for sharing your day
    Hugs Rachael

  2. I watched both videos, the audition and the recap. You have such a natural comfortable style. You are an inspiration and I am a fan. Good luck getting a role if anyone can do it you can.

  3. Kandi,
    Looking forward to more YouTube video. Those were great, especially for some of our sisters who are uncomfortable going out or with their presentation. Usually when we post pics, they are the best … best lighting, best angle, most feminine. The video shows all the lighting and all the angles, and also allows us to hear your voice. It’s important to see that you don’t have to pass as the perfect woman to go out. It’s OK if a little of your “male-ness” shows through. It’s OK if your voice doesn’t sound like Julie Andrews when you talk (or sing … BTW you definitely have the Cleveland accent LOL). It’s great to see and hear you as you are and to know that you do all the things that you do.

    Thanks for being who you are and sharing it with us.

  4. Nice video and there’s definitely potential for the channel to be an other arm to the whole Kandi’s Land experience.

    The only real challenge is making sure that the right people get to watch it. I was in contact with another girl who had a YouTube channel but she nearly gave up because the average viewing time was being measured in seconds and not anything approaching the video lengths. A comment on a video in which she wondered out loud why that would be gave the answer. Most of the viewers were just looking to see what she was wearing and, duly satisfied, went on to something else. You obviously can’t pick and choose who watches but would your plan be to embed the videos into the daily postings here from time to time so that, at least those of us who want to know more than just your outfit of the day get a signpost when there’s something new?

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