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Christmas Cheer

I am a truly lucky woman!

As we approach Christmas (at the time this occurred), I have incorporated the season in my wardrobe selections and photos. On December 15, 2021 I had a shift at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Really no story, just a lovely afternoon. Here is my Christmasy take on that day.

Don’t you just love a cute blazer??

Then, on December 16, 2021 I decided to attend The Greater Cleveland Film Commission’s holiday networking evening. Good decision.

The decision was sort of last minute. I had a bunch of errands to run, so what the heck? I knew I wanted to wear leggings (a recent theme for me), so I tried and tried to assemble an outfit with a jacket or blazer. No luck. Then I pulled this sweater from the tombs and BINGO!

I made multiple stops: two banks, a drugstore, made copies for a project I have been working on, Burlington, bought a bunch of gift cards, dropped some things off at Margie’s Closet and then over to the event.

I was only there for about an hour, but I made a connection to have lunch with a friend and the President on the film commission (we did almost a billion dollars in films in Cleveland in 2021, including “Wheat Germ” that I am in) and I also got an audition for a game show, as well as seeing many of my improv friends! I am learning that putting myself out there has reaped great benefits.


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  1. Yes, I do love that cute floral blazer and your holiday decor. It’s great to see your efforts paying off and being recognized as a valued member of the community.

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