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Mondays With Michelle, Part 2

The conclusion.....

As Michelle now had two new items to wear that she had bought at Plato’s Closet, but not the right bra, I sent her the following text: “Also, as much as I would love to get dolled up for a night out, it’s not a smart thing to do now.😞 However, I have an offer I hope you can’t refuse. On Monday, I would like to take you bra shopping to Nordstrom at the Galleria. You can get a proper fitting and first class service. My treat, as 1) you have given me so many clothes, 2) I have a Nordstrom credit card and get credits, 3) I can afford it, and 4) I want you to look good (you do anyway) and 5) it will be fun. We can hit the other stores too, try things on, and have lunch somewhere (we can do the Cheesecake Factory or one of the other choices). Does this sound like a reasonable alternative to you?”

Michelle’s answer? “Yes, yes, and yes”.

We planned to meet at her house at 1 PM, because she was having cleaners in until then. When I arrived, the cleaners were still there. I also found out Michelle had hired the same cleaners we use, as I had recommended them. One of the cleaners has been at our house, because she mentioned my son’s mice (I am usually out golfing when the cleaners come to our house, so I often don’t see them). Fortunately, I was changing at Michelle’s house, so I was still in boy mode. In prior times I might have freaked at the possibility of the cleaners connecting me to Michelle, but now I don’t worry about it nearly as much.

The cleaners left and I changed into a business-like outfit of navy blue top, white skirt, and black pumps. The top and skirt are one of my favorite combinations, and would be suitable for our summer heat. Before we left, I wanted a picture on Michelle’s staircase. 

We drove to the Galleria, and unlike me, Michelle had not been there very often. As it turns out, Nordstrom (nor Macy’s) is not doing bra fittings currently, but the sales agent was able to find a couple of suitable bras for Michelle to try on. While Michelle went into the change rooms to try on the bras, I went looking for something I could try on in the dresses section.

Nordstrom in these times is almost a ghost town; few staff, closed change rooms, open spaces, and limited inventory. If you try something on, they take the item to a back room for several days before putting it back on the floor again.

There wasn’t a lot to choose from, but I found jumpsuits of the same style in black and white, and I immediately knew what we had to do. 

Michelle loves jumpsuits, and has several. About eighteen months prior, we were shopping together at Plato’s Closet and I picked out a white jumpsuit for her to try on. She looked great in it and I convinced her she HAD to buy it.

She did, and about six months later she was wearing the white jumpsuit at a local establishment when she met her boyfriend. 

I picked a white one in her size and a black one in my size, and along with a few other items that we each picked out to try on, we went to the change rooms.

I love, love, love the pictures of us in the matching black and white jumpsuits. I would love for us to have another evening out wearing something similar (and so would Michelle, but not to be for now).

There was a black couch in the change room area and it made a great backdrop for pictures of me, of Michelle, and a selfie of the both of us. The three sided mirror they use for alterations also made for a fun backdrop, although it also shows the blue dress didn’t zip in the back.

Michelle did find a bra she liked but put it on hold while we checked out Macy’s. She tried on a few at Macy’s, but decided in the end to return to Nordstrom and buy the one she had put on hold. She was happy with the purchase and so was I.

As it was getting later in the afternoon we headed back to Michelle’s. She was planning to go bike riding afterwards, but I couldn’t resist trying on her bike riding outfit. Maybe some day I will have that story to tell.

It was a fun day for me and I will close this with the text I received later from Michelle: “Oh wow!!!! It looks like we really went out!!! Ha ha!!!! It was so so so much fun being a woman today with you!!!! It was absolutely a beautiful day!!!!”

Amen to that, sista!


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  1. What a wonderful story. I’m certain you had more fun than Michelle. You got to be a woman, a teacher, and a confidant for the whole day. It is very rare indeed for a tgirl (you) to take Cis woman Bra shopping. Kandi, you are such a wonderful person and great friend.

  2. Thanks all!

    This was from July 2020. Yes, it’s great to have a shopping buddy. We’ve been out a couple times shopping since, including one trip with Michelle’s daughter and one on our own. Fun getting out, fun writing about it.

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