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Mondays With Michelle, Part 1

A two part blast from the past!

Following the swimsuit photoshoot (see the last two Sun-dee posts), Michelle and I texted back and forth about another evening out. We have been out together a handful of times, but not since just after Christmas. However, with the latest spikes of cases of the virus, we opted to just do a daytime rendezvous, starting with a shopping trip to the local Plato’s Closet.

I drove to her house to change. I chose a summer green dress that is a favorite of Michelle’s (I lent it to her previously and she looks at lot better in it than I do). Our first stop was a side trip to her salon and spa, to take some pictures regarding a new shampoo chair and bowl she had just installed. 

Once again, one of Michelle’s co-workers was there, along with a customer of the co-worker. The customer immediately detected Michelle’s Arkansas accent, as the customer was from Arkansas too. Michelle and the customer swapped their respective home town locations. I tend to not say much in these situations, as my voice isn’t exactly consistent with my presentation. 

After the stop at the salon we drove to Plato’s Closet (a for profit chain of secondhand stores). Michelle found quite a few things to try on, and I found a couple of dresses. We had side by side changing rooms, so when each of us was ready we’d pop out of the changing room to offer our opinions. I squeezed into the fuchsia dress (one size too small) while Michelle rocked the one shoulder sequin dress with the fur covered heels (she bought the heels, but not the dress).

Michelle also passed over the stall wall a dress she had tried on for me to try on. Unfortunately, the dress was so tight it showed a lot more of me than it should have, so the pictures I have aren’t exactly rated PG-13, and they aren’t appearing here.

Michelle also found a colorful jumpsuit (she likes jumpsuits) that she also bought (which will be become part of the story shortly), a lime yellow top, and some camouflage yoga pants (along with the heels). I left empty handed. 

It was time for lunch so I suggested a nearby Hooters restaurant, because Michelle likes going there (we had been there together once before). We shared an order of nachos and Michelle took the jumpsuit to the bathroom to change into it.

As the jumpsuit was low cut, the bra Michelle was wearing didn’t work with the jumpsuit. Therefore, once lunch was over, our last stop was to a local bra shop, so Michelle could find a suitable bra. However, the shop wasn’t well organized, nor the staff very friendly or capable of actual customer service, so Michelle couldn’t find anything she wanted.

Which, in the end, turned out to be a good thing–as you will find out next week.


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