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Getting a Little Better Each Time

Another improv jam....

My improv teacher and I agreed to go to a local Saturday afternoon improv jam, we did so on October 23, 2021.

Including the person running things, there were nine of us. We did a great many exercises. Quick thinking exercises are always part of the day. We must have done fifteen different exercises. We introduced each other with our name and a gesture and then we had to identify other others by remembering their name and the gesture. We did layering games where you may name a fruit and throw that to someone else while a vegetable is also being thrown around and you have to remember what you said for each category.

We player two person scenes, three person scenes, freeze tag, we played hitchhiker. In this game there are three people in a car and they are playing a character. Then they pick up a hitchhiker who comes in as a new character and everyone has to take on that characters qualities. I, for example, came in drunk. Some one was a surfer dude.

The whole experience was so much fun, I laughed the entire time. I was clearly the least talented of the nine performers, principally doe to my lack of experience. But I did very well.

I am starting to morph my Kandi activities. I am coming up to a stretch of time where I will not be able to get dressed as often. I am also cutting back my volunteer activities and am starting to focus more on performing. I’ll continue to seek places to jam, places that may have open mic nights. So we’ll see where this all takes me.

I loved my outfit on this day, the henley and vest looked terrific together and I love the layering of my necklaces.


The following is feedback I have received via platforms outside of the comments here.

I wrote to you a couple of years ago. I just looked at your photos by Cassandra (again) and I just wanted to compliment you on how nice you look. I love your hair and makeup.  I also enjoyed reading your letter to the crossdressers wife. It is so true. Thanks for all your insight through your blog.


I read your “Open Letter To Our Wives” with great interest, and as I was going through it I found myself smiling to myself, nodding in agreement with everything that you were saying, and every once in a while mouthing “Yes! Yes! Yes!”…all so 100% true, and on point. Exactly how I have felt all these years, especially having had to endure a hard-core DADT relationship with my wife with the odd, fleeting moment of quasi-acceptance. It was an article that I was seriously considering showing to my wife for added, non-partisan validation…


…I read the PS disclaimer.

Sadly, in my mind this invalidated everything that you had so painstakingly articulated in the preceding “Open Letter”. This outcome…the fact that you no longer consider yourself to be a crossdresser but a female in your own mind who has decided not to transition for the sake of her marriage…this puts you squarely into non-op transsexual territory by your own admission.

Nothing at all wrong with that, and as you so correctly point out in your essay, we are all snowflakes, one size does not fit all, we all have our own truths to live, and this happens to be yours. Besides, anyone on this Forum with half a brain who has been following the tales of your multiple adventures out-and-about and seen the countless pictures of a sophisticated, stylishly-dressed lady that you have posted would have realized long ago that you were more than a “mere” crossdresser.

But here’s the thing…what you added in your PS is exactly the thing that most of our wives and SO’s fear the most, and that is why I will NOT be showing my wife your your otherwise well-thought-out essay. It will just confirm the one thing that she has always maintained about my crossdressing…”What will this lead to?”. In my case – nothing. I am a textbook crossdresser…no more, no less, and so while much of what you have written might otherwise have been helpful to her in better explaining what I was and what I was not, the conclusion that you came to in your case would definitely not be.

All that said, thank you for articulating you points so eloquently and for giving us all food for thought, and above all – you be you, and much continued success in your life’s journey and the path you have chosen (or life has chosen for you, as the case may be). Unfortunately, though, what you have said will have to remain a consolation strictly for myself and will not be helpful in sharing with the one whom it might have impacted more significantly under other circumstances.

Anonymous II

To those who contact me, I cannot properly explain what that means to me. It means I am not wasting my time here.


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