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Back in The Swing

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

So I’ve ramped up Kandi activities coming out of my little mini break. On November 12, 2021 I had a shift at the art museum. On my way there, I did some shopping for a fashion show I am walking at First Event in January. More on that as we get closer, but as always, I do enjoy my shopping!!

I must say, I am so very happy with the quality of my pictures with my new phone. This outfit is one of those outfits I put together and just hangs there as I forget how good it is. She got a spin on this day and I just loved it!

The color of the blouse and the cut fit me so well. It’s difficult to see in a photo, but the slacks are cream colored with burgundy and pink pinstripes. I just love them!

The shift was uneventful, but delightful as I was working again with my Russian friend. We get along so well and she is just delightful!

The following day, November 13, 2021, I had an HMU class where I take my improv classes. I learned some new things and was happy when a 20+ year movie makeup artist gave me a thumbs up on my makeup on this day!

After class I met with an actual working actor who wanted to meet with me to discuss a role he is playing. It is about a struggling crossdresser, telling his wife he is on a business trip when in fact he is in a hotel dealing with all of this. Hmmmmmmmm…….sounds familiar!

We talked quite a bit and I believe I gave him some valuable input. As I learn more about the film, I will certainly let you all know. I was very happy to help with this.


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  1. Always so lovely Kandi, again I know I said it before but you are a great ambassador for the trans community
    May God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving

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