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I Wish I Could Explain It

I am again flabbergasted by how well I am treated when out.

After a few days on the road selling, I took the opportunity to get out for the evening, October 27, 2022. Plexus was having an Akron networking event, so I got dressed and off I went.

Since it was a business event in theory, I dressed as I would if I worked in an office, a lovely turtleneck and skirt, grey and black my feature colors.

I stopped at a nearby Panera to grab a quick bite and return emails. Love doing that, being in public, working, just being visible. As you may recall, I had a very positive experience last time I did that.

I grabbed a drink at the bar and frankly stood or sat there quite a bit by myself. The bar was rather small, not conducive to walking around to try and meet people. After my first drink, I started to think about leaving. Then a lovely woman came up and we talked quite a bit and made, what I hope, will be a tangible friendship. She is involved with starting an LGBT support group and I offered to do anything I can to help.

Then it happened again. I am not bragging and I have actual witnesses to a few of these occurrences, my simple presence sparks someone to gush over me. This woman was there with her daughter and I believe her daughter’s partner when she came over and said she found me fascinating and was afraid to come over and meet me. I told her she hadn’t gotten to know me enough to know that I am far from fascinating! Any way, it was humbling and quite wonderful!

I was so very happy that I went out and was again, visible!

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Kandi,
    To be called fascinating is lovely even when they haven’t spoken to you . I had a similar comment recently on my holiday trip but the comment came from two different guys , I admit itv took a little mental processing to deal with that one but I didn’t back out I just steered the conversation in a different direction ( just like a woman would ! ).

    Sometimes women are shy to make that contact but never assume we haven’t been noticed but we mustn’t also forget presenting as women we could be a threat but in a feminine way . A smart woman wearing makeup to some women means we are on the lookout for a partner . It often makes me smile when I join mixed groups most of the women don’t wear makeup but after a couple of times i notice more lipstick and painted nails .

    1. Teresa,

      Excellent observation on the makeup, I can’t tell you how often I have observed recently divorced women suddenly rediscover makeup (and improve their appearance accordingly). I have been experimenting with minimalism makeup, but there is no way I can go completely without because my features scream male and that kicks my dysphoria into high gear.


  2. Kandi, I never cease to be amazed by you!

    I’ve just put words to this effect on a response I’ve just keyed on a comment on yesterday’s thread but I think it needs airing again (probably every day actually). What you do is so far out of my comfort zone (in my normal guy life) that I could never contemplate doing many of the things which, to you, are now normal. But even so, you never fail to inspire, firstly because you demonstrate that what, to many people struggling with all of this, that what they think is impossible is not only eminently possible but also life-affirming and secondly because you are a poster girl for living with this in a positive way.

    The point of equilibrium between our two sides is different for each of us but you are living proof that if we can not only find that point of equilibrium, wherever it may lie, but also embrace it, then our lives will be enhanced as a result.

  3. The fact that I present fluid at work, makeup gender neutral and somewhat feminine clothes, I’ve never been called fascinating, but it’s ok because I know I stand out but you know what I’m being me, I showing others being different is ok and that we can be different but not weird .
    It to me is what makes this a great world, we can be different and for most it’s ok as long as we go about with a smile and a great attitude

  4. Super cool Kandi! You look divine dahhhling in your pictures and I love that business casual look. Correctamundo!!!! You are a very fascinating woman . You are waht crossdressing is all about, getting out there and being a lady being out there and just being ourselves. Thank you my dear friend for sharing this story ❤️

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