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Nailed it!

This outfit was special!

Did you ever really nail an outfit? I mean for the venue or event. For your body type. For your aesthetic. I really nailed this one, April 5, 2023.

My beautiful friend Chayla Hope invited me to participate in the filming of a concert at The Cleveland Museum of Art, one of my stomping grounds. She performed four songs along with strings and accompaniment. The concert was filmed. Only invited guests were there and many sat on the stage, literally on the stage. Me, I’d still be trying to get up had I done that.

She actually did the show twice, to capture the best of all circumstances for the video. It was just wonderful, a very lovely evening! Thank you my beautiful friend for including little old me!

I snapped picture after picture. The LBD, black tights, booties, the accessories, my hair actually cooperated and the jacket….that jacket! Only because I looked so good did I stretch the outing a bit at a Happy Hour (big surprise there), to be perched on a barstool in this little beauty, nice!

I took pictures before I left home and when I returned, before I turned back into a pumpkin. It’s always nice to be Cinderella!


11 Responses

  1. You certainly did nail it Kandi ! You always do my friend. Can’t go wrong with a little black dress. My wife actually picked my favourite little black dress. It means a lot to me because she chose it for me. I will cherish it forever 🙂

      1. No worries Kandi. I’m enjoying having a place where I can slowly build confidence and share my stories too . It’s a nice feeling 🥰

  2. Kandi, you definitely looked amazing! I love the jacket, and the LBD is cute (and has pockets!). You are an inspiration and true role model for us each and every time you step out your door.

    1. Oh…go on…. No, really, keep going….

      I am, of course, joking. I am humbled by all the kind words I have been receiving of late.

      I love you, Tina and all our readers!

  3. Yes my dear you look fabulous in that outfit
    You make it look so easy to look so good
    The hair is beautiful as well

    1. Thanks Rach! There are those days when everything goes right, but then there are the days where everything goes wrong. Life, I guess!

  4. You are so natural and poised and confident and clearly happy, Kandi!
    Great role model for us.

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